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Honourable Dr Vincent Biruta, Minister of Education visited ULK

Honourable Dr Vincent Biruta, Minister of Education has continued this week with his visits in various Higher Learning Institutions of Rwanda. On this Thursday 6th June 2013, he was at Kigali Independent University (ULK).

Upon his arrival at ULK, Honourable Minister Biruta, accompanied by the Rector of ULK, Dr Sekibibi Ezechiel; the Executive Director of the NCHE, Dr Innocent Mugisha as well as various Executives of the University, made a tour of the whole ULK Kigali Campus. Honourable Minister visited classes, laboratories and Administration facilities.

He realized that ULK is a University which has made considerable investments in terms of infrastructure and has sufficient modern equipment.
During this visit, Honourable Minister Dr Vincent Biruta wanted to assure of the true statement of Quality Standards in ULK. In a meeting held with the Management as well as some lecturers of the University, he advised on key guidelines to be followed for the end-purpose of improving the quality of education, thus providing the Nation, the Region and the World with graduates who are fitting for purpose and are competitive.


As requested by the National Council for Higher Education, a lecturer of a Higher Learning Institution should not have two permanent contracts in two different institutions, therefore Honourable Dr Vincent Biruta recommends ULK (as done in other Higher Learning Institutions) to comply with the above request. Following a global trend, Minister Biruta urges ULK to acquire electronic means of promoting sound and original students and staff research output and publications. Minister Biruta requested also the Management of ULK to enforce the implementation of the National Higher Education Admission Requirements.

Rwanda, has put much efforts in increasing the enrolment rate in its Higher Learning Institutions, this must however go hand in hand with the quality of education, stresses the Minister.

ULK is the first Private University which leaded others to start providing a Private Higher Education in Rwanda after the Genocide against the Tutsi, it has also been so beneficial to the country, so far 17 020 Bachelor’s Degree owners have graduated from ULK, this figure is largely meaningful, as the institution started providing higher education when intellectuals were needed in Rwanda. In the last academic year 2012, this university had 12 368 students (in both Kigali and Gisenyi campuses).

The Management of the University thanked The Honourable Minister of Education for his dedication towards the promotion of Higher Education in Rwanda in general and in particular, in ULK, as very well testified by the Minister visit at ULK.


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