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Today 8th March 2018, Computer Science Students studying at Kigali Independent University ULK, Kigali campus, launched their ICT Club which brings together all students in Computer Science and any other student wishing to sharpen their minds in ICT no matter the department they belong to.

It was an event that had attracted people from all corners of Kigali especially those having to do with ICT. Still at this point, it is good to inform that representatives from SALTEL (an electronics company) and those from Ara Institute of Technology were among the participants.

Speaking at the function, Mr. Willy NSABIYUMVA, one of the masterminds behind the initiative thanked everyone for having honored the event with their presence. He also put it that the Club aspires to partner with other organizations that venture in ICT.

Speaking at the function, Mr. Willy NSABIYUMVA,

Speaking at the function, Mr. Willy NSABIYUMVA,

ICT is today a driving force for socio-economic development whereby it currently enables institutions to fast-track their development agenda. As a matter of fact, managers find ICT a tool to manage their businesses efficiently and effectively since it makes the work lighter. Besides, communication is done in a blink of an eye as a result of ICT through the use of emails and telephones.

In his statement, Dr. Pius NDAYAMBAJE, the Dean of the School of Science and Technology, lauded the students for such an initiative of putting in place a platform that will enable them and others to share ICT skills for their personal’s benefits and the transformation of people’s lives in general.  He thereafter urged them to aim high and never allow anything to stop them from achieving their desired goals.

“Your initiative to create a club is commendable. You should always have in mind that today is good but tomorrow is better and you’re the ones to make it better through the initiatives such as this one of creating a club. Indeed, never allow anything to deter you from moving forward. Only the sky should be your limit”, he told them.

As explained through various presentations, the club will be holding regular sessions to help its members and contribute to finding solutions to some of the problems the community confronts.

Becky BALINDA, the Assistant of the Vice Chancellor in Charge of Academic Affairs, who was the Chief Guest thanked the students for the idea to launch an ICT Club and she said that it was a result of sleepless nights. She also urged the students from other departments to join the club and learn a lot on what ICT is all about.

Becky BALINDA, the Assistant of the Vice Chancellor in Charge of Academic Affairs

Becky BALINDA, the Assistant of the Vice Chancellor in Charge of Academic Affairs

“I’d like to thank Computer Science students for this achievement. It is actually something they have been working. I remember they could leave the campus late in the night working on projects. I therefore wish to request all ULK students to feel interested in the Club because it is not exclusively for Computer Science students”, she said.

All is well that ends well, as William SHAKESPEARE said. The function climaxed in taking a group photo.

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