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On 18th October 2019, the Induction Week touched its climax with fresher students vowing to be agents of transformation. It was an event that was attended among other participants by the Vice Chancellor of ULK, Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, Mbonigaba Théoneste, the Head of Students’ Services, KAYIJAMAHE Patrick, the Assistant of the Vice Principal Academics, ULK lecturers and students, name it.
The event kick-started with a traditional dance by fresher students and this was a convincing factor that the Induction Week was culturally rich. The cultural dance was so nice that the audience could not believe that those were fresher students displaying such an amazing performance.
Shortly after the traditional dance, Mr. SHEMA Willy, the event moderator, announced the entrance into the room of a three man team made of representatives of fresher students who were to present pledges of what they will strive to achieve along the academic year. The pledges were on behalf of their fellow fresher students.

As they said, they will strive to make their today better than yesterday and their tomorrow better than today.
“When we reached at this university, we realized that it was pretty nice and well equipped. Therefore, we will strive to make it better than it was when we arrived. Making ULK proud is making Rwanda proud and the world at large. Of course with hard work and discipline, our aspirations will materialize”, MUGABE Anthony, who was speaking on behalf of fresher students, proudly said.
The pledges by fresher students were received and signed by the Vice Chancellor of ULK, Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, who thanked the fresher students for their bravery and discipline, demonstrated during the Induction Week.

“The university is very proud to have students like you. You’ve proven to be wndowe3d with audacity and discipline of the highest level and this is what makes quality students. We expect you to continue acting like that to achieve your academic dreams and become better citizens of your respective countries”, said the Vice Chancellor.
Throughout the Induction Week, fresher students learnt a number of things including some cultural practical exercises which encourage them to strive for oneness, good-manners, avoidance of misleaders, being focused, and many others values. They also had chance to be briefed by a number of personalities on life-transforming topics such as the values that make a student of quality, the culture of saving and working with banks, the role of the youth in achieving the agenda 2050, etc.
It should be noted that Kigali Independent University and ULK Polytechnic are home to international students from more than 24 countries.

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