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It was an event full of enthusiasm when the induction week got closed on 7th October, 2016. This colorful event was held in the stadium of the university where a friendly football match got organized between on-going students and the new students. As revealed by the Deputy Vice Chancellor of ULK, Dr. Ezekiel Sekibibi, the match was organized to cement relationships and unity between new students and their fellows in upper classes. This was vindicated by a group photo taken after the match whereby both teams got photographed while mixed up.

New students spent five days learning values and Rwandan culture which enable them to become important people appreciated by their fellow countrymen. While there, they got introduced to itorero realities; and consequently they all became intore (civically trained persons). As it is for any other intore, new students had to pledge what they will have to achieve in the days ahead.


In their pledges, they have vowed to be people of integrity and good manners. Besides, they have made it clear that they will rally alongside the government of Rwanda in its endeavors to find solutions to the most pressing problems faced by Rwandans.


Sarah Bahati and her colleague at ULK Kigali Induction Week

As the function went by, two students were called forward to echo what they might have learnt from the itorero. The duo, notably; Mr Emery and Miss Sarah Bahati said that the training on values and culture left them with important lessons.

According to Emery, different people who came to address them on a number of themes came timely and equipped them with the necessary information. “The week has been a blessing for us. Not only did it help us to feel fully integrated into the university, but it also enabled us to hear from various speakers who equipped our minds with important information like using ICT for job creation”, he proudly said.

Corroborating her brother, Miss Sarah, an international student, said that the week made it possible for them to befriend Rwandan students in such a way that they all feel belonging to the same family. “This week has been of great significance for us. We now have lots of Rwandan friends and have unity among us, and this will boost our success in class”, she said with beams of smile on her lips.

Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda during Induction Week 2016 at Kigali Campus

Speaking at the function, Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda, the Founder and President of Kigali Independent University, expressed his satisfaction vis-à-vis the success witnessed during the induction week. He also requested all the students (new and ongoing) to keep cherishing the team-spirit that they have started breastfeeding.

“It is good to see that fresher students are now enjoying love and care. This must continue to define you as ULK students. You must build on that oneness to be able to succeed academically”, he requested them.

Everything considered, a group photo got taken and that marked the end of the glamorous event.

ULK Founder and President Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda induction week Group Photo

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