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A group of 88 students from Institut de Goma( INSTIGO) visited ULK Gisenyi Campus on 28th June, 2016. The group which was led by school officials came to find out how Kigali Independent University offers its academic services to its students.
As they were curious, they had to tour the campus premises before going for interactions with the university officials at the function.

Remarks by the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Sekibibi Ezekiel

It was a privilege for the delegation to hear from various university officials such as Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezekiel, Vice Chancellor, Dr. MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Mr. KABASHA Médard, Director of Academics, to mention but a few.
Speaking at the function Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezekiel expressed his gratitude vis-à-vis the presence of the delegation and told them that ULK always strives for excellence.
“It’s a great pleasure for our university to have you here today. Your presence at our university is of utmost value. Kigali Independent University ULK is a university that always strives for remaining among top universities when it comes to equipping students with needed skills on the job market”, he told them.
“A considerable number of workers serving the country today are our graduates. Recently, our students made it to Kenya in what was themed ‘EAST AFRICA YOUTH AMBASSADORS DEBATE COMPETITION’ and our students emerged the best debaters , and two of them were eventually crowned EAC youth Ambassadors. This proves how our students are equipped with the needed skills”, he added.

Dr. Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel delivering his statement

Dr. MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel who was among the key note speakers said that education is the best investment to make in life. He lauded the students for the choice they made to go to school and encouraged them to keep upgrading their education level. “You deserve many thanks for having decided wisely when you opted for school. However, you still have a long way to go. You must continue to upgrade your education level by going to the right academic institution”, he advised them.

Kabasha Médard throwing some light on what ULK is all about

In the same perspective, Mr. Kabasha Médard supplemented what Dr. SEKIBIBI had said and shed more light on the academic programs running at ULK. His clarifications triggered one student to express some worries on whether covering 3 years for Bachelors instead of 4 or 5 cannot be a stumbling block to finding a job after graduation. Answering the question, the Director of Academics said that the system is the result of the European Union’s desire to create a unified higher education system. It is part of what is known as the “Bologna Process.” This international system clarifies and creates a uniform system of higher education in which each of the 3 degrees (Licence (Bachelor) – Master – Doctorate) corresponds to a specific level of education. Thus the process stipulates that for bachelors program, students will have to cover 3 years, Masters 2 years and 3 years for PhD. Hence it cannot be a barrier since it is a system the entire globe is adhering to.

Christophe Ndagijimana Bizuru expressing his impressions

As an excited delegation, they could not go back without having a say. It is in this framework that Mr. Christophe Ndagijimana Bizuru, head of the delegation, was given the floor for a message. In his statement, he expressed his impressions and requested his students to join ULK for their Bachelor’s studies. “This university is truly amazing. We’ve been impressed by most of the services offered here. Technology speaks for itself within this university. To this, I’d like to urge you to start coming for registration for your Bachelor’s dream to materialize”, he enthusiastically said.

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