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We have all heard of different championships. Some of them are about swimming, handball, volleyball, athletics, martial arts, etc. The article at hand is to describe a soccer championship that came to an end on May 22nd, 2015. It should be noted that the contest had started earlier with different classes booking their tickets in the pre-selection matches. After the pre-selection period, winners entered semi-finals which brought about two finalists, i.e. Second Years’ Football Club and Third Years’ Football Club. The two teams had therefore to lock horns to know the champion and first run up.



The match kicked off at 2:30 pm local time. It should be made clear that the whole competition was organized to raise people’s awareness on drugs and HIV/AIDS as its theme read, “Let’s fight against drugs and HIV/ AIDS”. The match that was played at NENGO playground was graced by people from various backgrounds of life ranging from ULK staff, students, neighboring residents, to mention but a few. At the 28th minute Nduwayezu Gracien, a student from third year scored a fantastic goal for his side to give them a first half lead. The score remained like this up to the halftime. When players came back from the dressing room, every team tried to score but their efforts seemed to be futile.

Matters went worse for Second Years’ Football Club when a man of multiple dribbles called Nsabimana Innocent went past all defenders and sent a sharp shot to earn his side the second goal at the 65th minute. This goal agitated Second Years’ Football Club who played wholeheartedly to get at least one goal. Their zeal did not yield negatively as Majyambere Augustin netted their sole consolation goal ten minutes to the last whistle. The match ended in 2-1 with Third Years’ Football Club emerging champions and had to walk away with a cup. It should be reminded that the tournament did not only focus on football but also some other disciplines took part and best players in each and every discipline were awarded on this day.

At the end of the match, AGEULK minister of Sports and Culture, Mr Nduwayo Eric reminded the theme of the contest and said that the message will go down to the next generations. “No wonder that our message about fighting drugs and HIV/AIDS will be learnt by our young sisters and brothers to transform the country towards a better future”, he confidently said.
Speaking at the occasion, Mr Ismael Bayingana, AGEULK guild president, requested students to abide by the theme of the contest as without decent lives one’s future can be perilous. “Fight new infections of HIV/ AIDS and avoid abusing drugs. Be example-setters as the Founder and President of ULK, Prof. Dr Rwigamba Balinda never ceases to remind us through his course”, he urged students.

The event was concluded by the speech made by Mr. Mupenzi Nsengiyumva, the Dean of students, who was also the guest of honor. In his speech, he stressed that the only key to success is discipline. “I would like to thank the organizers of this competition and remind you all that with discipline your success in everything will be unquestionable”, he enthusiastically told them.



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