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Wednesday 2nd, 2014 has entered into the history of ULK Gisenyi Campus, as it is on this date that ITORERO, loosely translated as cultural school, was officially launched within the premises of the aforementioned campus.
The delegation headed by Mr Boniface RUCAGU, the chairperson of the National ITORERO Commission, made the function run smoothly from start to end. He was with some other dignitaries like, Emmanuel NYAMASWA, representing the governor of the western province in the function, Major General Mubarak MUGANGA, Army Chief Commander in the western province, Gilbert GUMIRA, Regional Police Commander, church representatives, the list is not exhaustive.
Visitors felt at home as the vast majority of ULK community led by ULK Rector, Dr Ezekiel SEKIBIBI warmly welcomed them. They enjoyed a wonderful introduction of each and every one of them by ULK Rector. To tell the truth, the room was filled to its capacity with students leading participants in number.
As it has been a routine for ULK to always start any event with a word of prayer, the floor was given to Pastor MASASU, who was also among participants, to call upon the hands of the Lord to lead the function through. As soon as his prayer came to an end, the National Anthem got sung.
Thereafter, the microphone was handed to Dr Cyeze Emmanuel MUNYAMSOKO, Vice Rector Academics at the campus in question, to throw some light on different categories of INTORE (Civic education trainees). He conducted this exercise smoothly in such a way that he proved to all participants that the training he previously attended on ITORERO at the former National University of Rwanda, was not in vain.
No sooner had the Vice Rector spoken than the representative of RUBAVU District mayor took the floor for an important message.
“True academicians are those endowed with ethical values which make them behave modestly within the society”, he said pointing at the students.
He also went further to brief participants on what it takes to smoothly accomplish one’s duties in case one is a trained person in civic education courses. Before he could wind up his talk, he handed a book to ULK Rector and Vice Rector so that it may be used to know more about ITORERO and code of conduct a true INTORE is supposed to abide by.
The next person to hold a speech in this function was the students’ representative commonly known as AGEULK President, Mr Amani BALINDA. In his short but constructive speech, he said that students have vowed to uphold ethical values so as to build a brighter future.
His speech was backed by the one made by the western province governor representative, whereby he said that academicians were top architects of the most brutally efficient killing sprees in human history, genocide of tutsi. He therefore requested students to leave no stone unturned and change history by shaping a brighter future for the country.

Previous speakers made participants thrilled but one would not face allegations when they say that the audience’s satisfaction came when Boniface RUCAGU, guest of honor, stood up to address them. In his speech he briefly gave a historical background of ITORERO and made it clear that ITORERO was officially re-introduced in the country on 16/11/2007. He added that ITORERO was revived with a view to urge Rwandans to uphold Rwandan ethical values so as to build a country which is different from the one owned by the former regime.
He later quoted the senior most Intore, H.E Paul KAGAME, president of the Republic of Rwanda to explain what ITORERO is all about: “ITORERO is a homegrown initiative by Rwandans geared towards upholding ethical values”, he highlighted.
He then urged participants to live ethical values based life if they wish to live in a country where hatred or any other evils have no room.
Before officially declaring the launching of ITORERO at ULK Gisenyi Campus, he expressed his gratitude towards the President and Owner of ULK, Prof. Dr Rwigamba BALINDA for having created an institution whose services are based on ethical values.
“ULK is the only institution of higher learning in this country which has laid its foundation on ethical values since its inception. Prof. Dr Rwigamba BALINDA deserves my heartfelt thanks for having been the pioneer behind all this”, he emphatically said.
It is a group photo that marked the end of the function.



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