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This was said on 30th January 2020 in a lecture on the strategies to be used to neutralize the deniers and revisionists of the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi which was delivered by Hon. MUKAKALISA Jeanne d’Arc and Hon. Prof. KANYARUKIGA Ephrem both Senators in the Rwandan Parliament, Upper House.
As the duo vindicated, the lecture was a way of sharing the findings of the research conducted by the Rwandan parliament on the denial and minimization of the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi, something that is mostly done by those in foreign countries.
As Hon. MUKAKALISA put it, the decision to embark on the research came after realizing that denial and minimization of the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi were taking an appalling shape with some countries awarding medals to some fugitives and some individuals suspected to be disseminating the ideology of genocide.

Hon. MUKAKALISA called upon the entire ULK community especially the youth to stand up and refute wrong information propagated by deniers and revisionists. As she said, it is through refutations that the misinformation spread around will be weakened.
“Some people out there disseminate wrong information on the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi. In so doing, they distort information to mislead the world. You have therefore to prove them wrong through the provision of the credible information”, she was quoted as saying.
Hon. Prof KANYARUKIGA told the attendees that deniers and revisionists do their heinous acts in two ways: some spread their denial and minimization directly while others do so indirectly. He went further to show the strategies needed to curb the denial and minimization of the genocide against the Tutsi.

As he underscored, one of the strategies is to remind all signatory countries of the Genocide Convention that laws criminalizing the crime of genocide should be implemented and serve as tools to weaken the deniers and revisionists. Besides, he said that denial and minimization are passed through channels such as media outlets, publishing houses, etc. To this, he urged those in attendance to join hands in counteracting the spread of such disgraceful acts.
Everything considered, questions were asked and satisfactorily answered.

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