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On January 12, 2015 a one day seminar was held at ULK and brought together staff of ULK, SOCOBA and GSS. The purpose of this seminar was to help the above mentioned staff come together and share ideas in order for them to be faithful servants and have their work improved.
The seminar was opened with a word of prayer which was said by the Deputy Legal Representative of ULK, Mrs Louise Nyirashyirambere. The main speakers in the seminar were the Founder and Owner of ULK, Prof. Dr Rwigamba Balinda who officially opened the seminar with a presentation on the topic entitled, “Culture, Customer care and good management” and Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ezechiel Sekibibi who presented on “The Bus trip to Greatness”.

Culture, Customer care and good management


In his welcome remarks, the Founder and Owner of ULK wished participants a Happy a New Year 2015 and expressed his gratitude to God, the Top manager of the institution, for having granted us the opportunity to find ourselves safe and sound in the new year of 2015.
In his presentation, he insisted on the importance for all the employees to abide by the culture and principles governing the institution as well as to be characterized with good customer care and management because by doing so, the institution achieves a lot of tremendous results.
The Founder said that it is of vital importance to understand very well the culture of the institution because generally in many institutions 75% of employees are fired not because they lack competence and performance but because they fail to fit in the culture of institution.
Employees should also make ULK principles and values part of their lives without which they will not walk on the right path as humble and faithful servants of God and people with their minds only focused on what it is important for God, people and themselves. The principles of ULK are the following: to have faith in God, to know your mission on earth, to live ethical values and to have positive thoughts.

As regards customer care and good management, the founder reminded participants that we are an institution which provides service and not goods; therefore he said we have to make sure our customers have a good image on our institution. If we do so, they will like us and even make others come for excellent services we provide. Therefore we have to warmly receive them with care and smile.
“Customer care is also about receiving warmly customers and telling them the truth without compromising the regulations of the institution.” Founder added.
The Founder and Owner said that a smooth collaboration between an employer and employees is the key to tremendous achievements. In the context of participatory management, employees’ views should be taken into account in a bid to improve the service and employees should feel the spirit of ownership in all they are doing.

The Bus trip to Greatness


Vice Chancellor, Dr Ezechiel Sekibibi proceeded with a presentation on “The Bus trip to Greatness”. This bus is compared with a company or institution with a particular a vision whereby the passengers in it are employees working for the said institution with a vision to take it higher and higher to greatness.
While quoting the Jim Collins in his Book “Good to Great” the Vice Chancellor said that before we depart to our destination we should first of all ask ourselves the following short questions: Who? What? Why? Who? How? When? Cost? and emphasized that if you have the wrong people, it doesn’t matter whether you discover the right direction; you still won’t have a great company because great vision without great people is irrelevant.

Employees were compelled to discover and identify who they are in the bus to greatness and keep in mind that their conscience is true to their work. Thus, employees should be the kind of workers the institution is looking for and can depend on. He said that a great employee is dependable, team player, someone who knows how to take direction and has good working skills. In addition, he said that employees should adhere to ways to become a great employer that the institution needs the most.
He put emphasis on how a combination of personal character and profession as well as a combination of principles, values and determination lead to greatness and excellence.


After both presentations employees were given time to ask questions and make comments. All employees who spoke appreciated both presentations made by the Founder and Owner of ULK and the Vice Chancellor because they gained a lot of skills which will enable them to carry out their tasks in a satisfactory manner in order to bring the institution to greatness.
Lastly the flow was given to the Founder and Owner of ULK to recap the seminar and close the seminar with a word of prayer.
He concluded by recommending all employees to read the book entitled “Good to Greatness” and said people who make the institution great are those who are endowed with values and determination. He announced that from then on there would be a monthly evaluation for all employees; therefore everyone has a responsibility to do a self evaluation so as to be good servants.

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