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On 25th May 2014, ULK Gisenyi Campus community organized a walk to remember event which saw many people from all walks of life coming to join them as they marked the 20th Commemoration of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.
As reminded, this was the 10th time the campus ever organized such a function. As usual, some neighboring secondary schools had come to commemorate alongside ULK community. As echoed by the university Rector Dr Ezechiel SEKIBIBI, the fact that many schools and individuals usually join ULK Gisenyi Campus in various events is a sign that ULK Gisenyi has a strong senior management which portrays a better image of the university to the outside world.

“Whenever I attend events at this campus, I always find people from all backgrounds of life like military officials, heads of institutions and many others. This stands as evidence that the senior management of this campus is doing a good job to market the university and create relationships with the outside world. They therefore, deserve my heartfelt thanks”, he noted. He also requested participants to strive for a brighter future where no one will be subjected to genocide.
The function kicked off with a procession from the campus to Sebeya River in which numerous Tutsis were thrown after being cruelly killed.
Upon arriving there, different dignitaries led the procession in an exercise of putting wreaths into the river. These dignitaries include, Mr NSANZIMANA Serge from the Office of the minister of Sports and Culture who was also the guest of honor, Major General Mubaraka MUGANGA, Western Region Army Commander, Nyirasafari Rusine Rachel, Vice Mayor in charge of social affairs, Dr. Ezechiel SEKIBIBI, ULK Rector, Dr. Cyeze MUNYAMASOKO Emmanuel, Vice Rector Academics, ULK Gisenyi Campus, to mention but a few. After laying wreaths, they went back to the campus where different speeches were held.
In his welcoming speech, Dr. Cyeze Emmanuel MUNYAMASOKO thanked participants and reminded them to uphold this year’s theme which goes, “Remember, Unite, Renew”.

His official disclose of the function was followed by different speakers who almost shared the same views on the day’s event. Speakers ranged from ULK staff and students representatives to guests.
In his speech, the president of IBUKA in Rubavu district, Mr Innocent KABANDA, gave testimonies on what he personally experienced during the tragedy. This official was a young child by the time genocide. He witnessed horrors in which his parents, some brothers and sisters were killed. Anyway, he now thanks the then RPA soldiers for having put an end to the genocide.

“Hadn’t it been for the grace of God and the bravery of the then RPA soldiers, we would all have been exterminated”, he confidently stated.
Given the fact that talks about genocide of the Tutsis cannot leave aside the role of the former Rwanda Patriotic Army, the MC found it necessary to welcome Major General MUBARAKA for a talk. In his remark, he said that Rwanda Defense Forces played a pivotal role in stopping genocide and they stand ready to teach a serious lesson to whoever may wish to jeopardize security in Rwanda.
“The fact that we stopped genocide conveys a strong message that no genocide can take place on our soil again. We lost our people in genocide, and we cannot accept that any other Rwandan be slain. RDF stands ready to teach an all time lesson to anyone out there who may seek to kill our people”, he proudly said.
Handed the microphone, the guest of honor, Mr NSANZIMANA Serge, representing the minister of Sports and Culture at the function, praised ULK administration for having organized such a function. He then requested participants, especially young ones not to lend their ears to genocide deniers and revisionists who use the internet and any other communication means to mislead many. “You should turn a deaf ear to those who use social media websites to mislead you on the reality of what really happened. Many fugitives have found social media websites a good space to widespread wrong information on Rwanda. You should therefore ignore them and do what is right”, he briefed participants.
Good to say, the majority of those who held speeches thanked the Founder and President of ULK, Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA BALINDA, for having added ethics on the syllabus to instill ethical values among students for a brighter future where every Rwandan will have a seat. As they said, with ethical values, the slogan ‘never again’ will materialize.
The function climaxed in lighting candles of hope as a sign of a better tomorrow.









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