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On 22nd May 2019, the entire community of Kigali Independent University ULK got together to pay tribute to the victims of the 1994 genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi.

The function kick-started with a walk to remember which began from the ULK campus to the Kigali Memorial Site where wreaths of flowers were laid on the graves in which more than 250,000 remains of the victims are laid to rest.

Upon arriving at the memorial site, the students and staff were briefed on the historical background of the memorial site whereby it was said that the move to erect a memorial site aimed at safeguarding facts of the genocide to enable people to have clear information on the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi. Shortly after briefing them, they laid wreaths of flowers on the graves and then proceeded with the tour of the memorial site.

Back to the campus, the mourners gathered in the ULK stadium for the commemoration night. It was a night full of commemoration songs, testimonies and lectures.

In his welcome remarks Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, the Vice Chancellor of Kigali Independent University, thanked the attendees for having dedicated their time to the noble cause. He also thanked the visitors who had come from different corners of Kigali City for their decision to join ULK for commemorating the genocide against the Tutsi. He also called upon young survivors of the genocide to behave decently so as to effectively please their slain parents.

“The best way to please your slain parents is by behaving acceptably without engaging in immoral practices such as drug abuse, cheating exams and the like. You can’t claim to be paying tribute to the killed souls while you still take part in some malpractices”, he told them.

One of the dignitaries who spoke at this function is Dr GASANABO Jean Damascène, Director General of Research and Documentation Center at the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG) who delivered a lecture on the post-genocide national rebuilding. As he said, the genocide against the Tutsi destroyed the nation’s economy to the extent that rebuilding required starting almost from scratch. He also mentioned efforts the government put in place to fast-track development.

The Chief Guest at this function was MBERABAHIZI Christian Raymond, the Gasabo District Vice-Mayor for Finance and Economic Development who commended ULK for having taken the lead in organizing commemoration events among all private institutions created after the genocide. He also called upon young people to disassociate from any ideology that seeks to harbor divisionism among Rwandans.

“I would like to wholeheartedly thank the management of ULK for having been the first private institution to heed our call for organizing commemoration events annually. Still here, I would like to urge ULK students and other young people from across the country to always refute the hate ideology mostly disseminated via social media, by giving the right information of the prevailing situation in the country. Rwandans currently enjoy brotherly relationships with no room for the genocide ideology. Please inform the world”, he urged the youth.

It should be noted that the commemoration of the Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi extends from April to July every year to mark the 100 days through which the tragedy was carried out.


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