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Launching of Itorero at ULK Kigali campus

Brilliant day, colorful day, unforgettable date is 19th June 2014 when Itorero was officially launched at ULK Kigali Campus. From then on, the community chose a new identity as “INDASHYIKIRWA MU MIHIGO”, equivalent to unrivaled performers. The commitment of the community towards constructing our mother country is pledged to be matchless and complete ever. The ceremony was graced by the presence of Brig. General Emmanuel BAYINGANA also the guest speaker; Brig. Commander MUGISHA Louis; the Regional Police Commander ACP Rogers Rutikanga; a Delegate from the National Itorero Cmmission NIWEMUKOBWA Aline and the Executive Secretary of Gisozi sector MUREKATETE Patricia.

The community was presented by the Rector of ULK Dr Sekibibi Ezechiel the Executive committee presiding over ULK Itorero as detailed below:

  • Umukuru w’Intore: Dr Sekibibi Ezechiel
  • Umutahira: Dr NDAHIRIWE Kasai
  • Abarinzi b’indangagaciro:

-** Prof RUFUS Jeyakumar,
-** Dr Ruzibiza Aloys,

  • Intore zo ku mukondo:

-** RUGWIZANGOGA Marrcellin
-** NDIYAYE Innocent
-** UMUTESI Liliane

  • Intore zo ku ruhembe :

-** Dr KARAMBIZI Venuste
-** KAGARAMA Jean Baptiste

The President of ULK Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA BALINDA , Advisor of Indashyikirwa mu mihigo pointed out that the tragic history our country went through wouldn’t have happen if Rwandans safeguarded their socio-cultural values promoted early on through Itorero. The President remarked that education today needs to be holistic to promote knowledge, know-how and values. Speaking on this day Brig. Commander MUGISHA Louis disclosed that itorero will help grow IPEPA leaders, leaders who are Innovative, Progressive, Educative, Persuasive and Analytical.

As portrayed by the Rwandan early history, Itorero was a formally structured school where young Rwandans were nurtured to acquire socio- cultural values, patriotism spirit, and physical fitness. The schooling system was well elaborated with a substantial curriculum, unique philosophy to train a self-disciplined youth equipped with fine wisdom that will allow them to grow home-made solutions.” No school can compare the Rwanda traditional Itorero” disclosed Brig. General Emmanuel BAYINGANA quoting H. E. Paul Kagame During the Official Launch of Itorero at national level.

The Guest Speaker urged the management and staff to add engagement to their commitment as trainees in order to be good models to theirs Trainees students as far as safeguarding the Rwandan Spirit is concerned. The audience was encouraged to make the seven basic values become virtues in their lives, that is the national consciousness, patriotism, integrity, heroism, volunteerism, high performance, and self-reliance. It is obvious that the positive change to achieve the country reconstruction starts with individual change. “You cannot change the environment before you change yourself”












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