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On Friday, 29th June, 2012, at ULK, Members of Lawyers of Hope (LOH) from different universities gathered and discussed about Biblical principles that can help Christian lawyers to perform their duties with integrity.

The conference gathered 15 delegates from each invited university.


Universities invitees present:

  • Kigali Independent University(Kigali and Gisenyi Campuses)
  • National University of Rwanda(NUR)
  • Summer Team from United Kingdom(UK)
  • Kigali Institute of Education(KIE)

Events that took place are:

  • Welcome message and opening remarks by ULK Dean of the Faculty of Law HABUMUGISHA Titien
  • Praise and worship
  • TALK 1: Example of the man of Integrity by Edward Keene
  • Bible Study on Integrity by ULK Team and small groups
  • TALK 2: The Integrity of Christian law student in Society by NUR student Mr. Narcisse
  • TALK 2: The Integrity of Christian lawyer in Society by ULK Dean of Faculty of Law
  • Questions and debate


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