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On 8th June 2018, the entire ULK community was in high spirits to welcome a delegation from Trinity Western University/ Vancouver Canada, led by both Dr. Phil Laird and Dr. George Imbezi. Their presence at Kigali Independent University ULK inspired the staff and students on a number of elements related to education in today’s era.

The event was introduced with a word of prayer said by Mr. Jean Baptiste MANIRAKIZA who was also the moderator of the function. Shortly after his prayer, the Vice Chancellor of Kigali Independent University ULK, Dr. Ezechiel SEKIBIBI stepped forward for a welcome note in which he requested the audience to listen intelligently to the speakers’ message.

Since the two men heading the delegation were to address the audience, the floor was given in the first place to Dr. Phil Laird whose talk centered on applying technology in education. As he put it, there are some major trends that need to be taken into account while dealing with education. As he said, those trends are among others, technology, globalization, demographic shifts and diversity.

Dr. Phil went further to describe some learning methods and the benefits they provide for those using them. Some of the methods he mentioned are adaptive learning and inquiry learning.

“To effectively teach your students, you need to employ some methods. For example the adaptive learning will enables you  to understand that each learner is different and that learning should meet the learning needs of all learners despite their differences”, said Dr. Phil.

“Indeed, you should use the inquiry-based learning because young people expect answers right away. The questions asked by the learners drive education”, he added.

Dr. George Imbezi grabbed the microphone to corroborate what his fellow had just said. In so doing, the focus of his supplement was on technology and its relevance in today’s education.

Dr. George Imbezi

Dr. George Imbezi

To prove how technologically informed he is, he started by impressing the audience with a webcam which, through the projector, could display the image of everyone seated in the room. He then told the gathering that he was sharing the event with his students in Vancouver/Canada; and this marveled everyone in the room.

“With the proliferation of technology today, you don’t need a TV station to transmit what you’re saying. With a good internet connection, like your 4G I’m using now, my students in Vancouver can see what’s going on now through technology”, he told the participants who were looking at him in awe.

The method used to transmit their message was so interesting that the participants expressed their burning desire of asking questions shortly after both speakers had finished presenting. However, since owing to time constraints, only some of the questions were received and they all got answered satisfactorily.

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