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It was a privilege and honor for ULK Gisenyi Campus when a delegation of secondary school leavers from Lycée Anuarite/ Goma visited the campus on Tuesday 7th June, 2016. The students who were accompanied by their authorities had come to get information on a number of issues pertaining to education at Kigali Independent University.

Like any other person visiting the campus for the first time, the delegation was made to tour different locations of the campus so as to satisfy their curiosity. Along the tour, they could be seen looking in awe as a sign of marveling at the way services are delivered at ULK.

Along the exercise, one student wanted to know what the pile of syllabi on the shelves of the campus stationery is for. Answering the question, Mr. Kabasha Médard, who was showing them around, said that the syllabi are stored to be given to students before the introduction of the course. “It is a must for lecturers to first of all hand syllabi to students before introducing the course. Therefore, the syllabi on these shelves are stored in case there is need for them”, Kabasha explained.

After visiting various locations, it was now time to interact in depth. In a bid for the interaction to bear fruits, Mr. Kabasha Médard, Director of Academics, gave the visitors the historical background of the university. In so doing, he tackled things like inception of the university, schools, departments, teaching mode, available facilities, to mention but a few.

During the question answer session, some students could hardly believe their ears when the Director of Academics told them the amount of money paid for accommodation, wireless internet, water and some other necessities. They said it is quite affordable and they had never seen it anywhere else on the face of the earth. “Back to our home country, you cannot find an institution of higher learning equipped with these affordable facilities”, one student said.

Having fully interacted, Mr. Kabasha Médard, urged them to make the right and timely decision to join ULK, an institution where disappointment has no room. Furthermore, he told them that ULK stands ready to welcome whoever decides to get registered for tertiary studies. “If yours is to live decent lives in the future, make wise and timely decision and join ULK where you will never regret to have enrolled for higher education”, he told them.


“At ULK, students are enabled to supplement their theories through research on the internet. As you have witnessed it yourselves, our university is well equipped with sufficient computers and internet to make research easy. Therefore the ball is in your court”, he added.

Whatever has a beginning must necessarily have an end. The visit came to an end, and the visitors got on the campus buses to make it back to the border.

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