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The name Maendeleo means progress in English. Indeed, progress is something everyone desires to lay hands on in life. However, we should believe that progress does not happen overnight. It requires one to strive for it through various ways and means. Among the means that make progress possible one may mention education. This is true of any case because many experts underscored the unquestionable role played by education in bettering people’s lives.

Let us take for example the saying uttered by the former South African President Nelson Mandela, also considered to be the icon of democracy. He once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” In other words, if we want to make considerable progress in this world of ours, we have to greatly invest in education. Aware of this, on 12th May, 2016 Maendeleo Institute students from Goma/ DRC visited ULK Gisenyi Campus to know more about the quality of education offered by the institution.

Speaking at the function, Mr Kabasha Medard, Director of Academics, welcomed the visitors and told them more about the institution. It is in his remarks that different services offered by the university were explained. His explanations made the visitors have a clear image of what the university is all about to the extent that most of them could be seen nodding their heads to prove their satisfaction.


Among the issues that were pushing the visitors to have inquisitive minds was that of finance. To this, Mr Mugumo Déo, Director of Administration and Finance, held the microphone to shed more light on anything that has to do with money. In so doing, he disclosed the amount of money paid as tuition fees, accommodation, etc. He also made it clear that payment may be made depending on the student’s preferences. At this point he said that one may choose to pay in installments or totalize the required amount.


In his statement, Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, expressed his delight towards the presence of the visitors and wished them a wonderful stay. Given the fact that his speech came shortly after the visitors had toured the campus to personally see different locations of the university and the services offered therein, Dr Munyamasoko requested the students, who are soon leaving secondary school, to make the right choice and get registered at ULK for their Bachelor’s studies.

“You have personally seen how services are offered at our university. The remaining step is for you to make the right choice and join this university for your Bachelor’s program”, he told them.


Before going back to their home country, the visitors were allowed to ask some questions and the latter were satisfactorily answered by the university officials at the function.

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