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Managers of the National Incubation Programme visited ULK…

John E. Mulford, Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Business Development

Center (BDC) and Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, Regent University,

Virginia USA., accompanied by Cartel Balls, R. and Donatien Kavunga Kalinda,

from the BDC/ National Incubation Programme; met

with the President of the Kigali Independent University (ULK), Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA


The focus of the visit was on avenues of cooperation between BDC/ Incubation

Programme and ULK.

Incubation Programmes all over the world are purposed to empower people

with practical skills as well as rendering services on: industrial land and factory,

SME programmes, Support to start-up businesses; venues, facilities, etc.

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