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Masters’ programme students meet The Founder and President of ULK

Masters’ programme students meet
The Founder and President of ULK

Sunday the 21st April 2013, the Founder and President of ULK Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA BALINDA met the students registered in the week- end Masters’ Programme. More than being a contact meeting, this gathering provided a common ground for dialogue, collaboration and discussion with the aim to better meet the expectations of students and the obligations of the university towards quality teaching.

As Senior Authorities of the university, Dr SEKIBIBI Ezechiel the Rector of ULK, Dr Kasai Ndahiriwe, the Vice Rector of Research and Postgraduate studies as well as Lecturer OKOKO OSAMBO the Vice Rector Academics; were all present to the meeting to share about the efforts made in terms of emphasizing on quality service on one hand, and to welcome students’ questions and suggestions. The management pledged to keep meeting quality standard -even better- in terms of following the programme schedule, availing equipment and facilities needed by students as well as addressing any other shortcoming which may rise on the way either teaching- related or administration related.


Addressing the students, the Founder and President of ULK Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA BALINDA saluted their courage to have been able to successfully balance their responsibilities as workers, family –providers and students. “Never spoil this investment of great value” he urged them. The audience was challenged to target more than obtaining a quality paper of completion but rather work hard to earn a proven competence which will be perceived from their performance and appreciated by the stakeholders that is; the job market and the service market.

The Discussions came up with different resolutions towards improvements to rub out the slight shortcomings experienced. In addition, students were urged to fully use their right of consultation and collaboration with the top management. It was felicitous to students to share about four articles of good news that no extra cost they will be charged beyond the fixed tuition fees; that all the modules session end with February 2014 ,that free wireless connection is at their disposal in class rooms and reading halls and most importantly that today ULK ranks the second top university in Rwanda.

Another dialogue with masters’ students is planned in two months to come
The Founder and President of ULK is to meet the evening masters’ programme the 23rd April 2013.

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