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MBA farewell party

It was in the evening of February 06th,2014 at 6.30 at ULK that the opening word of prayer was given by one of MBA students. This party was the initiative of the MBA students. There were invited the Owner and President of ULK, unfortunately due to complex schedule, he could not share a glass with them; Dr. Sekibibi Ezechiel, the Rector of ULK, Dr. Kasai Ndahiriwe, the Vice-Rector in charge of Research and post graduate studies and some of the lecturers who walked with them along that journey. All the speeches that were delivered from there were full of best wishes and strokes of advice.
The class representative, Mr. Mussolini Eugene, took that opportunity, on the behalf of the class, to express their gratitude to the Owner and President of ULK, Prof. Rwigamba Balinda, for his firm project of launching master’s programmes. He said, ‘We are very grateful for this project and package, all services rendered to us. Besides, we are very thankful for the value that the Owner of ULK has given to the entire Rwandan Community and launched master’s programmes at ULK.’
They expressed their recognition through the offer of a trophy that is deserved for the President; they also awarded the certificates to their classmates who showed the sense of responsibility and contributed a lot on their studies.
The invitees shared a glass with the students and closed the party.





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