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Members of Parliament visit Kigali Independent University ULK

April 2, 2015 Hon. Agnes Mukazibera and Hon. Christine Muhongayire from Rwanda Parliament met ULK community comprised of officials, academic and administrative staff as well as students.

The event was started with a word of prayer and welcome remarks were made by Dr. Karambizi Sylvestre, Deputy Vice Chancellor Postgraduate studies, Research and consultancy. Thereafter, the audience was privileged to hear from members of parliament on two talks namely the Fight against human trafficking and Youth, the pride of Rwanda.

Hon. Agnes Mukazibera shared the audience with features of human trafficking. She said that human trafficking is a crime which can be done within a country or goes beyond borders. It is done in a systematic way and is facilitated by technology and the use of drugs. Human trafficking is an issue which concerns everyone because its victims are those who are closely linked to us such as siblings, children or neighbors.


She pointed out that causes of human trafficking are prostitution, religious beliefs whereby in some countries people are still offered to gods as sacrifice. Also, some people are sold so as to get some parts of human body.
Irrespective of what is happening Hon. Agnes reminded the audience that the government in conjunction with other institutions is much concerned with human trafficking issues and has responsibilities to protect, respect and defend its people.

In this respect, it is worth informing that measures have been taken to address the issue of human trafficking. She said that everyone should be aware of the issue.

Dr Karambizi Venuste­ sharing his ideas with the congregation

The government is committed to developing the public awareness on the issue and putting in place all measures possible to prevent human trafficking as well as bringing back victims of human trafficking into the society.
In her turn, Hon. Christine Muhongayire told the audience that our country expects much from Rwandan youth. She showed that throughout the history of Rwanda young people were manipulated to destroy their own mother land because of bad and corrupt leaders who did not seek to defend the good cause of all Rwandans.

“Young people that our country needs today are those with ethical values, skills and competence.” She added.

She named the Youth of today a HAPPI Generation with the following qualities:



Hon. Christine reminded of how young people are lucky today. They are lucky to have a country like Rwanda in which peace, security, good leadership, advanced technology prevail.
“You should take advantage of the above opportunities to achieve your goals.” She added.

Most importantly, young people were reminded of the fact that they will achieve nothing if they don’t remain focused and live ethical values as Rwandans.


Owing to the fact that both talks were very interesting many students could not prevent themselves from asking questions and raising points which concern our country’s development.
Dr. Karambizi Sylvestre made closing remarks and appreciated both members of parliament for their time and talks which offer a wealth of learning opportunities to young people.

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