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Today, March 30, 2015 ULK hosted a session on mentorship program which is currently being conducted in Higher Learning Institutions by the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF).

The team from MGEPROF was composed by Sarah Mukantaganda, Women Access to finance officer (MIGEPROF), Bertilde NIYIBAHO (Entrepreneur) and Rose MUTESI, Founder of Young Women Mentors Network.

After a word of prayer, Dr. Karambizi, Deputy Vice Chancellor Postgraduate studies, Research and Consultancy recognized the presence of the team from MIGEPROF and requested students to pay attention to speakers in order to increase and sharpen their skills.


Miss Sarah was asked to make a brief introduction and explain the relevance of Mentorship program to young women and girls. Mentorship refers to professional and personal relationships in which a well experienced person (mentor) guides a less experienced one (mentee).

The process through which a mentor is supporting her mentee in providing her with practical and professional advice, exchanges, psychological support that are relevant to her career or business.


The aim of this program is to equip girls and young women with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to become visionary and respected leaders, as well as drivers of positive social and economic progress at every level of society in Rwanda.

After the introduction Bertilde Niyibaho addressed participants. She is an entrepreneur who owns a factory which makes wine from banana products and grows mushrooms. Also, she transforms vegetables into meatballs and samosas. Bertilde Niyibaho is a hard working person that young women and girls ought to borrow a leaf from. She started her business with the capital of only Rwf 500,000.

Teaching staff also attended the event

While sharing participants with the journey she went through to come with her own company, she told participants that starting a business is like a journey full of challenges and hardships where they should take heed of words of discouragement from anyone. In this context, she encouraged young women and girls to have innovative and resilient spirit.

Rose Mutesi, a mentor in the above program gave a talk on leadership. First of all she said that a true leader is someone who can help people only reach their goal thanks to his/her participation. She further explained types of leadership which include authoritarian leadership, participative leadership and delegate leadership. On this note, she recommended participants to adopt participative leadership whereby a leader guides, participates and motivates.
“A true leader believes that leadership goes hand in hand with responsibilities not advantages”. She added.

She revealed to participants some tips as a key to self confidence. Some of them include the following:

  • To have self acceptance,
  • To attain goals,
  • To use words to change your world,
  • To have role models
  • To do your personal inventory to be able to know your ability,
  • To stop putting things off (procrastination),
  • To remember the needs of other people.

When the presentation ended, students asked questions and exposed their worries about their career development.
Sarah encouraged them to develop projects and get information on institutions which provide securities.


As women, you should grasp advantages available for you. As a matter of fact MIGEPROF advocates for women who managed to develop projects and they are helped to get securities.
Sarah added.

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