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Any person feels proud whenever his homestead is usually a place where different people find it worthwhile to visit. It is in this perspective that on 30th January, 2015 ULK Gisenyi Campus was privileged to welcome the minister of Culture and Sports, Amb. Joseph HABINEZA who had come to exchange views with the campus community on national heroes ahead of the countrywide Heroes Day commemoration for the 21st time.
Before the minister’s arrival on the podium, the campus community was very much honored to lend their ears to Western province Army commander, Major General Mubarakh who briefed them on the country’s security. As he said, Rwanda is enjoying full security on its entire territory and the only war at hand is poverty which requires people to join hands for effective eradication.

“Our country is entirely secured. There is nothing that can jeopardize our security. The only war at our disposal is poverty in which every Rwandan has a stake.”
The western province army chief went further to praise the Rwandan army on peace keeping mission for the bravery, discipline and uniqueness when it comes to their integrity everywhere they are deployed for safeguarding security. He said this referring to the recent decoration of the Rwandan contingent which had completed its mission in the Central Africa Republic.
As soon as his talk had climaxed, the floor was given to the audience for questions and comments. To this, Mr. NIZEYIMANA Sylvain, the function master of ceremony, encouraged those in the room to have their say. Given the fact that participants had been interested by what was said, they jostled to ask questions and give their comments.

Shortly after questions and comments, the minister made it forward to throw some light on his message of the day. He started reminding the audience this year’s theme as far as Rwandan heroes are concerned. As he said, the theme goes,” Rwandans’ Heroism, Our Dignity”. As a matter of illustration, he told participants that Rwandans are receiving much applause from all over the world as a result of what heroes sweated and died for.

“ Today, if you make it to another country as Rwandan, you will be warmly welcomed not because you are a high-ranked official but simply because you are from Rwanda, a country which has made significant strides despite the tragedy it went through in 1994”, he told participants.

He also said that becoming a hero today does not necessarily mean to go to the battlefield and defeat the enemy. It simply means to be patient and resilient towards what one aspires to be or achieve for the benefit of many. To clarify his point, he borrowed the example made by the founder and president of ULK, Prof. Dr Rwigamba Balinda whose initiatives are to salute.

“If you need to become a hero today, you must work hard with patience and resilience vis-à-vis what you aspire to achieve. Prof. Dr Rwigamba Balinda is a good example for this because of his outstanding deeds which have so far been a blessing to many”, he enthusiastically said.
At the end of the day, questions were asked to the minister and the latter answered them to the satisfaction of the audience.


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