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In a bid to help ULK students improve their communicative competence in English, Miss Rebecca BALINDA, Lecturer and Academic Assistant to the Vice Chancellor, in collaboration with Mr. KABASHA Medard, ULK Marketing and Carrier Advisory Center Director, brought together all ULK/Gisenyi Campus finalist students (Accounting, Finance & Computer Science combined) to brief them on hints pertaining to job interview. This outstanding activity lasted three days: 27th to 30th May 2018.

Briefing the students on job interview was relevant of any case as they will soon leave ULK; and once outside there, they will not sit down and fold their arms. For certain, many of them will be running up and down looking for jobs. Good enough, Miss Rebecca BALINDA was warmly welcomed by her targeted audience. They keenly listened to her throughout her presentation.

On the first day, focus was on theoretical considerations with regards to job interview. To kick-start her presentation, Miss Rebecca told the gathering why employers call job-seekers to appear for a job interview.

“When applying for a job, you send your cover letter and/or curriculum vitae. Anyway, that is not enough by itself. Your prospective employer may at a time call you to present yourself so that you can be seen. Your presence helps him/her decide whether you measure up to the position advertised. So, your knowledge of dos and don’ts about job interview will help you prove your worth to his/her company.”

That being said, she went on stating job interview dos and don’ts and elaborating on them. As a matter of fact, the audience realized that a job interview session is a special one. It is different from an ordinary examination session at college or university.

“There are a number of things you should take note of as you are preparing to sit for a job interview. First and foremost, get to know about the company and anticipate questions that are often asked to applicants during job interview sessions. Second, dress professionally and arrive on time preferably 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled interview. Once seated in front of the interviewers, speak effectively and ascertain your assurance to satisfy your prospective employer in case you are selected for the post (….)”, she briefed the gathering.

Second day and third day’s activity was all about practice. That is, a job interview session was organized in favor of the students willing to participate. Over 50 students, including those from day section and those from evening section, actively participated in the exercise. The session was unique and one of the kind; one could think it was a real job interview going on within an organizational setting. It should be mentioned that the interview session in question was conducted by a panel made up of four lecturers, namely Miss Rebecca BALINDA, Mr. KABASHA Medard, Eng. NSENGIYUMVA Juvenal and Mr. HAGUMIMANA Frank. Again, a note should be made that Miss Rebecca BALINDA presided over the job interview session.

All things considered the best two winners: Mr. Dan TURANZINZE (from Finance Day) and MWAFRIKA Josue (from Computer Science) were rewarded.

ULK/Gisenyi Campus salutes the initiative of Miss Rebecca BALINDA and looks forwards to learning again from her expertise.



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