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On 19th April 2018, ULK community was taken through the Holocaust history through a theatrical performance made by Monsieur Madame Theatre Troupe which was composed of a four-man delegation with only two players. The actors were Maylis Bouffartigues and Ntarindwa Diogène, famously known as Atome in the Rwandan Drama.

At the very start, Mr. Jean Baptiste MANIRAKIZA, lecturer at Kigali Independent University ULK, welcomed the visitors and everyone in the room before he called upon Mr. Ntarindwa Diogène for further information on the show.

As he said, the core message in the play entitled, “L’espèce humaine, loosely translated as humankind, was motivated by the book by Robert Antelme which is entitled L’espèce humaine. The book talks about the way Jews were persecuted and massacred in the Second World War by the Nazis who were led by the then ruthless man Hitler.

“The play we are going to act out is an inspiration from the book by Robert Antelme who suffered a lot of forms of torture while in the concentration camps in which millions of Jews perished during the Holocaust orchestrated by the notorious Hitler”, he told the participants.


The performance by Atome and Maylis proved their professionalism in the field of drama as they could act out without using microphones while making everyone in the room, which was full to its capacity, get what they were saying. Their emotions could portray the gruesome picture of how the Jews were killed.

Asked why they decided to act out such a play in the period whereby Rwandans are commemorating the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, Mr. Atome said that both Jews and Rwandans have some similarities in their history, and the play helps Rwandans to remember vying for fighting such atrocities to never happen again.

“The Jews underwent hard times when they were targeted to be exterminated by the Nazis under false allegations that they were traitors. The same thing happened to Tutsi in Rwanda in 1994 whereby they were targeted to be exterminated. That pushed the UN to officially endorse what happened to both Jews and Tutsi as genocide, and we perform to send a message that such heinous acts shouldn’t happen anymore”, he explained.

It should be noted that ULK students and staff, who attended the two day performance, appreciated the moral lessons in the play and they were given time to echo their views by asking questions or simply making comments.





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