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Wednesday 8th June, 2016 is a date secondary school leavers from Mount Goma Institute will live to remember as it is on this date that they enjoyed touring ULK Gusenyi Campus, a dream they had had for many days. It is only 4 minutes drive from the main border to Gisenyi Campus. It is the same time ULK buses used to take this delegation from the border to the Campus.

Shortly after they had settled at the campus, they were taken to different places within the campus. At this point, they visited different offices, students’ dormitories, computer labs, to mention but a few. Along the tour, they could from time to time stop and marvel at some of the services.


After crisscrossing the campus, they were taken back to the main hall for thorough interactions. While interacting, Mr. Kabasha Médard, Director of Academics, gave the historical background of the campus whose ribbon cutting ceremony took place back in 2001.

In his statement, he revealed the schools available at the university, namely; Economics and Business Studies, Law, Social Sciences and Rural Development.

The remarks made by Kabasha paved the way for questions. Both the students and their authorities expressed their desire to ask questions for better understanding.

One of the students wanted to know whether the university awards best perfumers regardless their nationalities. Answering the question, Mr. Kabasha Médard said that students at ULK are treated equally, thus they enjoy the same rights and opportunities. “If there is an opportunity such as awarding best performers, we award them irrespective of their nationalities. What matters for us is your being registered as our student, not your nationality or where you are from”, he answered.

Kabasha told the students not to worry much about English language if they really wish to join ULK for their university studies. He said that ULK has professional lecturers equipped with the methodology of teaching English language to speakers of other languages. “Our university has professional lecturers of English who will soon cross the border to help you master this language. After the training in Goma, those who will join the university will enjoy 2 more months of intensive English course whereby, at the end of the course, they will be in a position to listen, speak ,read and write in English”, he assured them.

In a bid to allow actions to speak for themselves, Mr. Kabasha handed the microphone to lecturer Nizeyimana Sylivain, English skills lecturer, to wet the visitors’ appetite before the function touched its end. In his remarks, Mr. Nizeyimana assured the visitors that in a few days ahead, a team of English language mentors will make it to Goma to train students and staff willing to master this global language.

“If there is anyone out there who still wonders whether English language can be mastered in a short period of time, soon you will be answered. A team of mentors is coming to help you with a view to make you master and use English language in a native-like way”, he told them.
The statement made by Nizeyimana marked the end of the function.


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