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Since the dawn of time, human beings have always been witnessing other members of the human family coming to pay them a visit. The act of exchanging visits is as old as humankind itself. That is, it is not in its embryonic stage. It is in this framework that on Monday 6th October, 2014 ULK Gisenyi Campus received a delegation from the bicameral parliament of Rwanda, i.e, Hon. Gertrude KAZARWA (Senator) and Hon. Eugène BARIKANA (Deputy).
As it has been enacted into ULK culture to always start any function with a prayer, Mr Sylvain NIZEYIMANA(event MC) requested Mr Marcel RWABUTOGO, lecturer at ULK Gisenyi Campus, to lead participants in a word of prayer.

As soon as the prayer had climaxed, Dr. MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel, Vice Rector Academics, held the microphone to officially introduce and welcome those in the hall. Having introduced everyone in the hall, he kindly welcomed Senator Gertrude KAZARWA to disclose the content of her message.
Talking to the eager audience, Gertrude said their visit aimed at sharing views with UKL Gisenyi community, especially the youth, on democracy as it is in line with this year’s universal theme” Engaging youth people in democracy”. “We are here to share with you various views on the contribution of young people to democracy as stated in the universal theme which was commemorated on 15th September, 2014”. Gertrude said to the applause of campus community that had turned out for the occasion.
Before winding up her talk, she reminded participants some pillars of democracy which are among others, security and safety, freedom, to mention but a few. She also threw some light on values of leadership in Rwanda which include, striving for common interest, sacrificing for people, striving for people’s welfare, etc.< MPs-flanked-by-ULK-Gisenyi-Campus-senior-managers.jpg

Shortly after she had spoken, Eugène BARIKANA stood up to supplement what she had said. In his interventions, he briefly gave the historical background of democracy in Rwanda. To this, he clearly showed how white settlers weakened the power of kings detrimental to their selfishness. He also showed how the incumbent government strives for the welfare of all Rwandans without any form of discrimination, something which is quite different from the former regime where only one political party was privileged.
Thereafter, he took some minutes to brief young people in the room on democratic issues. He reminded them that they are the ones to give their country the right direction where peace and prosperity are unquestionable. “You are part and parcel of the human family, and you are the future decision-makers. You should therefore understand what democracy is all about so as to avoid any other destructive ideology like the one that culminated into genocide”. He told them.
No sooner had his message come to an end that Mr Sylvain NIZEYIMANA called upon participants to give comments and ask questions. A number of questions were asked and answered to the satisfaction of those in the room.
As it is with everything else, the function had to come to an end. In this respect, the microphone was handed to Dr. MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel for his concluding note. In his remarks, he requested participants especially students, to use what they learnt from both speakers for the betterment of their motherland. “The message of our visitors was mainly targeting you, young people. You should therefore make use of this message to transform the country for a better future.” He reminded them.

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