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Wednesday 25th 2016, a delegation made of students and staff from Mwanga College/ Goma-DRC visited ULK Gisenyi Campus to know how the university operates. The 132 students are all secondary school leavers who have been majoring in Bio-chemistry, Latin-Philo and Business studies. It should be noted that Mwanga College is a catholic-run school operating in the town of Goma. The school is well-known for its excellent students. It has since time immemorial been at the forefront when it comes to passing national exams with flying colors.

Speaking at the function, Mr. Kabasha Médard, Director of Academics stressed that the relationships between Mwanga College and Kigali Independent University are not of recent days. He also made it clear that whenever someone from ULK goes to Mwanga, he is always warmly welcomed. “Our ties with Mwanga College are not dated recently. Last year, our lecturers were warmly welcomed when they went to train students and staff at Mwanga College”, he enthusiastically said.

Handed the microphone, Mr. Mugumo Déo, Director of Administration and Finance, tackled everything that has to do with finance. To this, he discussed payment modalities both for tuition fees and other fees requested by the university. He also said that ULK never stresses students but instead, it allows them to decide on their own how they will be paying.

Since it was the first time for most of them to settle their feet at ULK Gisenyi Campus, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, Dr. Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel grabbed the microphone to tell them the historical background of the university. Along his talk, he disclosed the principles and values the university has put in place.


“ Our university is built on four principles; namely having faith in God, knowing one’s mission on earth, living ethical values and having positive thoughts. Besides, there are four values we strive to abide by on a daily basis. They include; integrity, humility, determination and excellence”, he informed the visitors.

“ULK strives for equipping students not only with qualification but also competence. We believe that qualification means a lot when someone is also competent to prove that he sweated to get that qualification”, he added.
It should be noted that the visitors got time to move around the campus and see how the university really works.


Before going back to their home country, Father Gabriel, who was heading the delegation, held the microphone to have a say. His remarks mainly centered on expressing thanks due to the way they have been hosted. Moreover, he said that they got impressed by the way the university is equipped with modern teaching equipment and how services are offered. “I would like to thank the administration of this university for a warm welcome you have made us enjoy. This university is undoubtedly equipped with modern equipment and they way you offer services is amazing”, he said.


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