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Today February 11, 2016 a team from National Election Commission met ULK community to brief both students and staff about election procedures. The team was made by Uwera Pelagie, Commission at National Election Commission (NEC) and Leonidas Gakwisi who is in charge of Election activities in Gasabo district.



In her presentation, Mrs. Uwera Pelagie told participants that NEC organized various activities regarding elections procedures throughout the country and it is in that regard that they are conducting visits to different institutions including ULK.

She started by explaining the definition of elections and said that there exist a good number of elections’ definitions according to various scholars; but in Rwanda we define elections according to our context.

She added that last year, Rwanda was ranked the first worldwide as a country which organized smooth elections. During the National Election Commission helps Rwandans a lot in putting in place all necessary means to choose leaders they want to lead them.

She briefed participants on various elections which are currently taking place at different levels of administration organs; she also described those will be voted, time, procedures and all requirements for anyone to participate in oncoming elections.

She emphasized that during these meetings, young people are required to fully participate, sensitize others to participate, get registered on elections list and attending elections on time.



Vice Chancellor of ULK closed the meeting with special thanks to the team from National Election Commission asked students to take advantage of all the pieces of advice which were delivered to them by the commissioner.

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