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Today, 21st March 2017 the Chairman of NEC (National Electoral Commission), Prof KALISA MBANDA made it to Rubavu to address both ULK and UTB staff as well as students on imminent presidential elections due to take place in Rwanda. He was accompanied by two officials; Ms MITARI Lydia from MINEDUC and Mr. KALIMUNDA Djamada, Chairman of NEC in Rubavu District.

Prof. Dr KALISA MBANDA Chairman of NEC

To cut a long story short, Prof. KALISA MBANDA reminded the gathering that the presidential electoral day in Rwanda is nearing, and that all the citizens should stand ready to participate in this imminent election. He went on to highlight the importance of participating in elections. Nevertheless, he openly stated that experience has revealed that some intellectual people take the election event for granted.

On September the 4th, our nation will come together to elect a leader that will stand for our rights as citizens, students, employees and employers. As you all know, we are living in a democracy. So, voting is our right, the opportunity for us to contribute to the political process. Sad to say, experience has revealed that some intellectuals – people who ought to make the first move – do not value elections.

- Prof. Dr KALISA MBANDA, Chairman, NEC

That being said, he requested the audience to go to the polls and cast their vote when September the 4th knocks up.  Good enough, the audience pledged to do so and take the message home to ascertain all families, friends, neighbors and acquaintances join event.

All things considered, Prof. Dr MUNYAMASOKO thanked the visitors and called it a day.


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