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Today 2nd October 2017, new students who have enrolled at Kigali Independent University were in high spirits owing to the fact that they were fully integrated into the university community. It was during the function which was graced by a number of authorities such as Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA Balinda, Founder and President of Kigali Independent University ULK, Prof. Dr.  Kalisa MBANDA, ULK Chancellor, Dr. Ezechiel SEKIBIBI, ULK Vice Chancellor, staff members to mention but a few. Also in attendance was a delegation from Darussalam University, a Somali university with which ULK enjoys cordial relations.

The official opening of this 2017-2018 academic year coincided with the introduction of the Induction Week, a week through which fresher students are welcomed and told more about the university and equipped with the moral values and civic education which enable them to effectively meet their academic aspirations.

In his introductory remarks, Dr. Ezechiel SEKIBIBI, Vice Chancellor of ULK thanked the participants and introduced everyone in the room and thereafter echoed the promise of the university to the new students that they will live not to regret the choice they made when they decided to join ULK for their studies.

Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, Vice Chancellor of ULK

“You made the wisest decision in your life when you opted for ULK for your university studies. We’d therefore like to assure you that you will never feel disappointed as far as the choice you’ve made is concerned”, he assured them.

In his official opening remarks, Prof. Dr. Kalisa MBANDA, ULK Chancellor thanked the new students for having joined ULK and requested continuing students to set a very good example for their young sisters and brothers to insure that every dream of theirs will materialize. He also praised the Founder and President of ULK for having put in place an academic project which enables people from all backgrounds of life to meet their education needs.

Prof. Dr KALISA MBANDA, Chancellor of ULK

In the same perspective, the chancellor urged all students to live ethical values which will enable them to be endowed with self-worth, a value the government of Rwanda champions on a daily basis.

“ You should work hard and make sure you live ethical values so as to be able to uphold dignity as the President of the Republic of Rwanda, H.E Paul KAGAME, never ceases to advise Rwandans”, he advised them.

The founder and President of ULK could not leave the room without tipping students on the secret of success both in life and academically. It is in this respect that he was given the floor and advised the new students on the secret of success which encompasses among other elements;  living ethical values, regular personal and group work, mastery of English language and ICT skills, feeding the mind with information from the library, to mention but a few.

“Uphold the values of humility, truth, determination, and the like so as to be successful in life because people with no values are hardly trusted in the society. You may be a PhD holder with no values, people can’t trust you”, he tipped them.

A group photo marked the end of the function.



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