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Like any other democratic government would proceed, the outgoing committee of AGEULK Gisenyi handed over to its successor. The glamorous ceremony took place at ULK Gisenyi campus on 8th March, 2016.

It was an event that had attracted people from all backgrounds of life such as former guild presidents, guild presidents from various institutions of higher learning, the vast majority of ULK Gisenyi community, to mention but a few.

The function was introduced with a word of prayer said by Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel, DVC Academics. His prayer paved the way for the schedule of the day. It is in this perspective that shortly after he had prayed; a team made of five young men was called to showcase their acrobatic skills. Their performance thrilled those in the room as it could be seen on their lips.


Not only did the audience enjoy seeing awesome acrobatic skills but they also enjoyed the insights wrapped in the poem recited by the seemingly professional poet, Sikubwabo Callixte, a student at ULK Gisenyi Campus majoring in the field of Development Studies.

In his poem, he praised the administration of the university that allows students to easily turn their academic aspirations into reality. He also appealed to the newly elected committee to be defined by humility along their mandate.

The handover ceremony coincided with the function of swearing in. The new guild council was requested to take their oaths so as to officially pledge that they will be there to serve their fellow students not to satisfy personal needs.
Speaking at the function, Ismael Bayingana, the outgoing guild president, pointed out that his team will be renowned for numerous achievements such as, free legal services given to the community, Rwandan values instilled into students, trees planted in different corners of Rubavu District and a house built for a widow among others.

As the proceedings went by, individuals with outstanding deeds got awarded. Such individuals include students who helped their fellows to better understand the contents of the lessons, clubs whose deeds impacted positively on the lives of the members of the human family, staff members who wholeheartedly enabled the outgoing committee to embrace the preset goals, to mention just a few.

Given the floor, Islam Mulinda, new Guild President, pledged to borrow a leaf from the outgoing committee while striving for more achievements.

As he said, tremendous achievements will be made if and only if the entire campus community i.e. students and employees join hands with the new guild council.


Handed the microphone, Mr Mupenzi Nsengiyumva, Dean of students, thanked everyone in the room for having dedicated their time to the proceedings of the event.

As an officer having students’ affairs in his remits, he requested the new committee to do everything in their power and copy from the marvelous deeds realized by the outgoing committee.

“If you want to lay hands on commendable achievements, you should follow in the footsteps of the outgoing committee and vie for doing even better than they did”, he tipped them.


In his remarks, Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel, guest of honor, thanked the organizers of the event and then requested the new guild council to nurture humility, hard work and the spirit of aiming high. He also reminded them that the government of Rwanda expects them to be good servants who find solutions to some of the problems of the society.

“You will achieve tremendous success if you are laborious and united”, he told them. “You owe a lot to the government of Rwanda. The government needs young people who task their minds and do all it takes to transform the lives of Rwandans”, he added.



A word of prayer said by Mr Karara Alexis, DVC Administration and Finance, marked the end of the function.

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