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The new academic year 2017-2018 continues to be a blessing for the new students who have enrolled at Kigali Independent University ULK for their studies. This is due to the fact that no single day can go by without receiving an important personality to address these students.

As a matter of example, today 4th October 2017, the university hosted a talk on Capital Market in which the main speaker was Mr. Pierre Celestin RWABUKUMBA, Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Stock Exchange Ltd.

Mr. Pierre Celestin RWABUKUMBA, CEO of Rwanda Stock Exchange Ltd.

At the very start of the function, ULK Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ezechiel SEKIBI, expressed his gratitude vis-à-vis the presence of the CEO of Rwanda Stock Exchange and he requested the students to be all ears so as to learn how stocks are traded on the market and how people start from scratch to greatness.

Given the floor, Mr. Rwabukumba started throwing some light on what capital market is all about. As he said, like any other markets, capital market connects both entrepreneurs, who mostly have business ideas but with no money to implement them, with investors.

He went further to stress that most of the typhoons the world of ours has today started small and grew big as days went by. He gave an example of Bill Gates who tops the list of the world’s richest men. As he said, Bill Gates boasts to be the most affluent man on earth yet the company he calls his was an idea long time ago which has up to the moment turned into a lucrative business that earns him bundles on a daily basis.

New students who have enrolled at Kigali Independent University ULK

“Microsoft, a business company created by Bill Gates started with an idea; and it has now risen to a higher level whereby people buy shares on a daily basis and this makes its founder the greatest man in terms of financial muscles”, he told the participants.

“All you need to do is having a business idea and then find people to bring in money to start implementing the ambitions in the idea. You should also seek professionals to mentor you on how to go about it”, he added.

Along his talk, Rwabukumba borrowed a leaf from the example of former ULK students who committed themselves to saving at least one hundred Rwandan francs on a daily basis and the contributions they made have resulted into a big financial institution.

In the same angle, Dr. Eugène RUTUNGWA, Director of Research and Postgraduate Studies at ULK, cemented what Rwabukumba had said by sharing his own experience whereby he was one of two persons who thought about creating UNGUKA Bank, Ltd which started being a Microfinance Institution.

“I remember, I had completed my university studies when my friend and I came up with an idea of adding a bank on the list of banks operating in Rwanda. We agreed on the creation, then thereafter, five more people joined and our efforts gave rise to what you call today UNGUKA Bank, Ltd”, he proudly said.

At the end of the function, the attendees were given the floor for questions and some of them vowed to join hands for a lucrative business.



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