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Official launch of East African Consortium of University Entrepreneurs(EACUE)

The Official launch of East African consortium of University Entrepreneurs(EACUE) took place on 19th June,2012 at Kigali Independent University(ULK).

The launch was organized by East African consortium of University Entrepreneurs(EACUE) in conjunction with International consortium of University Entrepreneurs(ICUE).

Members of EACUE are youth from Universities for the purpose of promoting entrepreneurship mind. ULK is the initiator of this consortium

The mission of EACUE :

  1. Promoting Entrepreneurship mind in Youth
  2. Contributing to the poverty reduction
  3. Providing technical services(opportunity shop, training, etc)

The Rector of Kigali Independent University (ULK), Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, welcomed the guests and officially opened the events(opening remarks)

Mr. RUKUNDO Friend introduced the Carrier Advisory Center Directorate and the new club.

Guests invitees present:

  • Chief Executive Officer of International consortium of University Entrepreneurs(ICUE), Tobias HUG (Guest of Honor)
  • Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and ICT
  • Executive Secretary of National Youth Council
  • Representative of Work Force Development Authority(WDA)
  • Representative of Rwanda Governance Board(RGB)

The launch was attended by guest invitees, ULK staff and students, students from different universities and others.

Events that took place:

1. Swearing in ceremony of the Executive Committee

• President : RUSHAKU Jean Paul
• Vice-President
• Treasurer
• 2 Advisors
• Arbitration committee(3 members)


2. Presentation ”Power of Dream” by Tobias HUG



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