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Today 26th April 2018, a three man delegation led by Olivier Le Cour Grandmaison visited Kigali Independent University ULK to address its students on total wars, colonization and genocides. Together with Grandmaison were Maylis BOUFFARTIGUE and Jean Luc GALABERT.


The theme of their message was “ Colonisation, guerres totales et genocides” loosely translated as ‘ Colonization, total wars and genocides’.

As a professor of Political Sciences, Olivier GRANDMAISON, talked about the history of the world in general with the focus being on wars, colonization and genocides. He showed how African countries were colonized and this colonial spirit left some bad repercussions such as divisionism among compatriots.

The speaker of the day linked colonialism to some of the civil riots that took and still take place in Africa and in some other colonized countries around the globe. He went further to say that fighting for interests was the main reason big powers wanted to keep their supremacy over colonized states.

When the session drew towards the end, the participants were given the floor to ask questions and all of them were answered to everyone’s satisfaction.

Good to say, the participants vowed to fight any form of divisionism as the latter brings about


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