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Opening day for the new academic year

A good beginning makes a good end. Gisozi, The 2nd October 2014, KIGALI Independent University ULK marked the beginning of the academic year 2014-2015.The function witnesses the presence of students, staff and graced with the presence of Senior Authorities and the Founder and owner of ULK Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA BALINDA. The Guest of honour was the chancellor of ULK Prof Dr KALISA MBANDA who also officially opened the academic year.

ULK Rector in the open dayThe event was introduced with a word of prayer by the rector of ULK Dr SEKIBIBI Ezechiel who also welcomed students and recognized the presence of the Chancellor, The founder and other authorities part of ULK management. the rector passed on good wishes upon the high performance recorded throughout the academic year 2013-2014 on the ground that the preceding academic year had been fruitful essentially because of the labor and determination of students and their collaboration with staff and management. the rector pictured the academic expansion ULK has made in a bid to upgrade technical skills among its students whereby he announced the CPA training and the ULK Polytechnic Institute-already open; as well as the PhD programme –yet to start in close future.

Offering his Address, The Founder and Owner of ULK, Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA BALINDA expressed hid deep feeling towards the choice of students to have joined ULK. The Founder and Owner of ULK stressed on the fact that the most obvious aspects of Kigali Independent University ULK are teaching and educating to uphold science and conscience. We intend to train students who stand out enabled to adapt the competitive world, as self-made entrepreneurs or employees with high sense of responsibility to positively impact lives though their work of excellence.

The Founder and Owner reflected on principles of achieving a happy life, the same tips which lay a firm foundation for real success. This was intended to bring the audience understand that everyone can reach on excellence if he or she knows, practices and lives the principles, turning values into virtues.
The principles are narrowed in four following bits of advice;

  • Having faith in GOD
  • Knowing your mission on earth
  • Holding positive thinking
  • Living ethical values

Students were also reminded to double their efforts and work hard through attending class regularly, revising on daily basis, upgrading their English Language skills and Computer skills as well as setting aside a good time for research reading.
Kigali Independent University ULK Chancellor
The chancellor of ULK Prof Dr KALISA MBANDA brought the Senior management, staff and students to take notice that marking the beginning of new year calls for assessment and higher commitment “It is an opportune time to salute the achievements made; to renew our focus while taking lessons from the past and to take a sure way forward’’. The chancellor disclosed as he commended great achievement and recommended the patterns of improvements.

It was perceived that ULK is engaged to developing students’ character and conscience to nurture students who will behave and responsibly act to build and safeguard sustainable development of our country as the engine of positive change. Young intellectuals were urged to take hold of the opportunities put at their hand and actualize the success they are made to reach and pave ways to build a better future.

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