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Our Heroes we’ll ever celebrate

Historical heroes are human beings just like us; the only thing that set them apart was their virtue to fight for national interest at the expense of their personal interest; their lives even. As we celebrate Rwandan Heroes’ day this year the theme to remember is that the heroism value can take us to complete dignity and self- sufficiency as Rwandans.

This Thursday, the 31st January 2013, ULK has had a privilege to host a conference addressed to ULK community which was delivered by Brig. Gen. Joseph NZABAMWITA , the Defense Spokesperson and Dr. VUNINGOMA James the Executive Secretary of National Academy of Rwandan Culture and Language.

The presentations dwelt on the boldness, valor and fearlessness that characterized our historical heroes. The speakers brought the audience to shape their present and pave their future from the printout left by heroes’ lives.

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