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Today 28th February 2019, the outgoing committee of the Kigali independent University Students Union, AGEULK, handed over to the new committee which was recently elected. It was an event that was graced by people from various backgrounds of life including former AGEULK representatives, guild presidents from other tertiary institutions, ULK students and staff, to mention but a few.

The event kick-started with a word of prayer and thereafter CEP (Pentecostal Students Community) entertained the attendees in lovely gospel songs.

The handover ceremony coincided with the swearing in ceremony whereby the new committee took oath of office to officially mark the beginning of their tenure. Having elected for the second consecutive mandate, Mr. MURWANASHYAKA Evariste, also had to take oath of office to remain at the helm of the students’ union.

In his remarks, Mr MURWANASHYAKA Evariste underscored the achievements made during his administration. As disclosed, along his mandate, the students’ body took part in various activities such as community service (Umuganda), donating to vulnerable families, organizing in-campus and outdoor debate competitions, organizing inter-department football championship, attending various conferences aiming at the betterment of the youth and nation at large, name it. The guild president pledged to build on the made achievements to register more tremendous strides towards making ULK proud.

“We’ve been able to embrace huge realizations over the last mandate and I’m pleased to reiterate that with everyone being on board, more achievements will be made”, MURWANASHYAKA pledged.

Meanwhile, the outgoing committee awarded different personalities with some gifts as a gesture of appreciation towards the support they received from the awardees. Among the awardees were the senior management of ULK, the Head of students’ Affairs, Mr MBONIGABA Théoneste and the Head of the Center of Languages, Mr. MANIRAKIZA Jean Baptiste.

Reacting to the received gift, Mr. Manirakiza Jean Baptiste commended the outgoing committee for the initiative to recognize the contribution of different players towards the realization the preset goals.

“I’m personally grateful to the outgoing committee for having thought about those who helped them implement their pledges. This gift is more meaningful and I will forever salute the decision to have thought about us while promising to also work closely with the new committee as it embarks on its mandate”, said Manirakiza who also heads CELA (Center of Languages) at ULK.

It should also be noted that the outgoing committee was awarded with certificates of appreciation to thank them for their outstanding realizations.

Officiating at the closing of the function, Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, the Vice Chancellor of Kigali Independent University ULK, thanked everyone for having honored the event with their presence. He also thanked the AGEULK Electoral College for having chosen courageous people who will take the students’ union to another level if nothing hinders their endeavors.

“I’d like to thank everyone here for having dedicated their precious time to this noble event. To be frank, I’ve witnessed several swearing in ceremonies but this one stands out owing to the fact that its composition is seemingly made of valiant people such as debaters and so on. I therefore believe that these strong men and women will propel the body’s agenda towards excellence in the time to come”, said the Vice Chancellor.

When the event came to an end, both committees posed for a group photo with ULK staff as well as invited guests and this officially marked the end.


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