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Today, 16th November 2016, ULK/Gisenyi Campus had a great privilege to host a delegation from BDF (Business Development Fund). Hundreds and hundreds of students gathered in the campus main hall, eagerly waiting to hear from the delegation.

Speaking on the behalf of the Campus number one, Mr. Medard KABASHA, the Academic Director, kick-started the function by wishing the delegation a warm welcome and disclosing the motives behind their visit- arising university students ’awareness of products and opportunities of BDF and, more importantly encouraging them to come up with good ideas as to how they can start their own businesses.

After brief introductory remarks by the Academic Director, the presenters had a say in turn. Mr. Aphrodis NKURIKIYE, the head of the delegation, gave a keynote presentation on BDF’s products and opportunities.

ULK Gisenyi PDF Conference 002

He put it,

“BDF is an independent company that was created in collaboration with the government of Rwanda and the development bank of Rwanda (BRD) as part of the financial infrastructure to promote SMEs, with the objective to assist SMEs particularly those without insufficient collaterals in obtaining credits from financial institutions at reasonable rates. BDF’s role is to promote alternative financing avenues at reasonable costs (credit enhancement) to help small businesses to access credit, start, grow and succeed.”

However, he went further saying that many young people do not know how to start their businesses after they are done with their university studies. They claim not having capitals, yet BDF stands as the best solution for those who do not capitals.

“BDF has many products tailored for youth and women, but many of them are not aware of those opportunities and services that the government of Rwanda has created for them. It’s in this perspective that we are here today to enhance entrepreneurship spirit among you and make you aware of the opportunities available for you”,

he emphatically said.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Emmanuel MUTANGANA, an esteemed BDF’s beneficiary, gave a heart-lighted testimony on how this institution helped him start his business.

“Upon completion of my university studies at UTB, former RTUC, I made up my mind not to run up and down seeking a job. As a matter of fact, I had just Rwf 300,000 yet I needed Rwf 2,000,000 to start my own business and become self-employed. Advised by a friend of mine, I went to BDF and it was of great help. I invested in agricultural sector and after one year my capital has gone up to 5,000,000. I urge you to learn from my experience. Think over different opportunities available in the environment around you and come up with good ideas pertaining to businesses you may embark on. It’s no wonder your environment is full of various opportunities. It’s high time you benefited from those opportunities and BDF stands ready to support you (…)”, he was quoted saying.

ULK Gisenyi BDF Conference

Speaking in the last instance, Mr. MUGUME Elia told the students that Rwanda has no job for everyone. As such, they need to bear in mind that studying does not imply being prepared to work for other people. Rwanda lying its future on the youth, students should instead bear in their mind that they are being trained to gain skills which can help them become job-creators and contribute to developing their nation by providing jobs for their fellow citizens.

The function climaxed with closing remarks by the academic director, where he thanked the delegation and urged ULK students to start saving up  in any financial institution to get 25% of funds required from them  to get  BDF’s support – which amounts to 75% . Besides, he advised them to start generating good ideas as to what they can do to start businesses.

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