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Being a leading partner of Private Sector Federation, ULK was awarded a trophy by PSF Chairperson, Gasamagera Benjamin when he visited the university on 2nd November, 2016.

Gasamagera had come to see among other things, how the university serves the public on a daily basis. To this, he had an opportunity to tour the campus for a clear view of the services offered by various departments.

PSF Visiting ULK Polytechnics Institute.

The places he visited include among others; administrative offices, lecture rooms, computer laboratories, ULK Polytechnic Institute, etc. But most importantly, he was shown a construction site where the university is erecting skyscrapers that are expected to shelter both the school of medicine and the world-class hospital that will be treating all kinds of ailments including non-communicable diseases.

Having witnessed the progress the university has so far registered in meeting people’s expectations, Gasamagera could not hide his excitement.

I’m pleased to personally witness the contribution of ULK towards meeting the expectations and needs of people. The university has really made tremendous progress and this is in line with the goals of PSF which strives for making people job creators, he said.

Along the tour, a number of ULK authorities led by Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda, Founder and President of Kigali Independent University ULK, accompanied PSF delegation to show them around.


 Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda and Daniel Balinda

Speaking at the function, Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda, Founder and President of ULK, thanked the Chairman of PSF for having dedicated his time to visiting ULK. He also lauded PSF for its advocacy that usually enables private organizations to meet their goals.

PSF hands a merit award to founder and president of ULK

Before winding up his visit, the Chairman of PSF handed a trophy to the Founder and President of ULK to recognize and thank him for being one of key partners of PSF.

“ Not only does Kigali Independent University play an unquestionable role in training people to be job creators, but it also partners with PSF satisfactorily”, he stressed.

“ PSF will do all it takes to keep working closely with ULK by advocating for it and connecting it with many other people for mutual benefit, and I believe such an initiative will yield positively”, he added.

All is well that ends well. The event came to an end and a group photo was taken to fully wrap it up.



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