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The entire ULK Gisenyi community was very much honored when they hosted a delegation from Rwanda Governance Board headed by the Chief Executive Officer Professor SHYAKA Anasthase on Thursday 26th June, 2014.

Also in attendance were CEPGL delegation led by Prof. Honorine, Dr Cyeze MUNYAMASOKO Emmanuel, Vice Rector Academics/ULK Gisenyi, ULK Gisenyi Staff, Theodore MBAGARAMBE, Journalist at Rubavu Community Radio, ULK Gisenyi students among others.
As soon as RGB delegation entered the conference hall, Mr. Sylvain NIZEYIMANA who was the Master of Ceremony requested Dr Roger RUTERAHAGUSHA to kindly lead participants in a word of prayer.
Thereafter, the floor was given to Dr Cyeze MUNYAMASOKO Emmanuel to deliver his welcome remarks. Holding the speech, he thanked RGB delegation for having found it valuable to visit ULK Gisenyi Campus. He also thanked participants at large and wished them a fruitful dialogue.
When the Vice Rector’s remarks climaxed, it was now time to lend ears to the guest of honor’s message.Welcome-note-by-Vice-Rector-Academics.jpg

Speaking to the eager audience, Prof. SHYAKA Anasthase expressed his satisfaction and thanked ULK administration for having accepted to host the conference whose theme was “CITIZEN PARTICIPATION IN DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE PROCESS”.
Disclosing the aim of their visit, Prof. SHYAKA Anasthase made it clear that the visit aimed at exchanging views with the university community on issues related to democratic governance. He also added that such a meeting came ahead of the conference which is due to take place in SERENA Hotel from 30th June up to 2nd July, 2014 where more than 30 countries from four continents are expected to attend and discuss governance related issues.
He went further to explain the theme of the day and told participants that Rwandans should be interested in what can result in a shared better future. “We need a country where all ills have no room and where the future is shared with no one being left aside.” He told the participants.
“Every country around the world defines its democracy and shapes it basing on the history of its people and what the citizens therein would like to achieve or find solution to.” He added.

Given the fact that young people are the driving force of any country towards a sustainable development, Prof. SHYAKA urged students to take the lead in conceptualizing the democratic system of Rwanda so as to firmly build up an unbreakable nation where unity and security will be prevailing among Rwandans.
“As leaders of our country tomorrow, you are tasked with the duty of understanding the country’s democratic system so as to sustain it and make sure the country’s security is not in peril because without security our big dreams can faint”. He briefed the students.
After the guest of honor’s talk, Mr Sylvain NIZEYIMANA welcomed Miss Margret NYIRAMUTUZO, a student from year four Development Studies, to have a say on the role of women in democratic governance.
Citing the example of the first lady of Rwanda, she said that women should not be perceived as weak and passive individuals who cannot play a pivotal role in the transformation of the country towards a brighter future. “People should change their mindset and entrust confidence in women because women are competent and can give a hand in the development of the nation. A good example for this, is the role our first lady, Jeannette KAGAME, is playing in transforming lives of Rwandans”, she proudly said.
No sooner had NYIRAMUTUZO’s intervention come to an end than questions got welcomed from the audience. To the audience’s satisfaction questions were answered by experts in the field including the guest of honor himself, Dr Roger RUTERAHAGUSHA and others.
Since the conference had attracted people from different cultures, Mr. Sylvain NIZEYIMANA could from time to time be obliged to interpret some of the speeches into French. This move enabled participants like the head of CPGL delegation to successfully get what different speakers including the guest of honor said.
As it is with everything else, the function had to come to an end. To this, the Vice Rector Academics was handed the microphone and told RGB number one that the university is looking forward to hearing again from RGB delegation in the days ahead. He finally used a prayer to wish the guests a safe road back home.


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