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Today, 10th December 2015, ULK/Gisenyi Campus was honored to hear from Mr. Charles KAGAME, RRA Commissioner. The theme of his talk was dubbed, “The role of Electronic Billing Machines in promoting tax compliance.”

Mr. Charles KAGAME’s presentation included seven main points, namely: Overview of invoicing system, limitations of manual invoices, EBM system as a sustainable solution to limitations of manual invoicing system, Benefits of EBMs, Who are supposed to use EBMs, Non EBM compliance issues and Contribution of consumers and students to promoting EBM system.


To cut a long story short, Mr. Charles KAGAME told participants that EBM has proved itself a solution to limitations of manual invoices. “It goes without saying that EBM came as a solution to limitations of manual invoices. This is justified by the fact that this system prevents destruction of invoices by water or any other disaster, it prevents forgery of invoices, double sales invoice books. More so, with BBM tax audits no longer take long,” he was quoted saying.
Disclosing what RRA expects from students as for their contribution to promoting EBMs, Mr. Charles KAGAME said that they should make local people understand VAT as a means of growth and development, and EBM as a means of transparency. Above all, students should denounce any individual or company not issuing EBM invoices.

It should be mentioned that his presentation was followed by a very warm questions-answers session. That is, participants tossed out as many questions as possible, hence a feedback that enchanted the audience.

To crown it all, Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel, DVC Academics, just expressed his gratitude to the guest and requested students to implement all the recommendations as to how they should partake in promoting EBM system.

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