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Today, 29th October 2019, ULK/Gisenyi community was honored to hear from executive secretary of RUBAVU District, Mr. RUHAMYAMBUGA Olivier.

Mr. RUHAMYAMBUGA Olivier, the executive secretary of RUBAVU District was being warmly welcomed in ULK.

To start with Mr. RUHAMYAMBUGA Olivier thanked the university’s management for having allowed him to address students on an issue of great importance. Still there, he thanked the students for having availed themselves in spite of their tight studying schedules and he realized it very well because Olivier himself studied in ULK. So he is a ware of hard task students from ULK might be having.

Mr. RUHAMYAMBUGA Olivier, the executive secretary of Rubavu district addressing the audience.

As a matter of fact, he mentioned different reason why unity and reconciliation ought to be taught to younger generation since, in ahead, they are the ones who will build and protect Rwanda country. His talk was centered on not only the history of Rwanda before, during, and after colonial period but also the journey of unity and reconciliation through “Ndi Umunyarwanda program”. “Genocide destroyed the relationship which marked Rwandans from long ago” said the executive secretary. Therefore, it is our duties and responsibilities to fight against the genocide ideology.

In addition, Mr. RUHAMYAMBUGA Olivier made it clear that the genocide against the tutsi was, on the one hand, mainly perpetrated by young people and it was, on the other hand, stopped by young people. Hence, young people have to play a pivotal role in ensuring the genocide never occurs in Rwanda again and this; will be achieved when younger generation adopts the culture of working together without being characterized by divisionism.

In the middle, Mr. RUHAMYAMBUGA Olivier ,the executive secretary of Rubavu district; his right,Mr. François MUGISHA, district coordinator of “itorero” and community mobilization,  his left, ISHEMA Pierre, the Director of Academic Affairs of ULK Gisenyi Campus.

Conclusively, Mr. RUHAMYAMBUGA Olivier ,the executive secretary of RUBAVU District , called upon the students, intellectual youth, to join their hands through different organization and clubs (youth volunteers, itorero ,  unity and reconciliation clubs, to mention  but a few) where they will be trained on national strategy of transformation  in order to live a life free of genocide ideology.

ULK community was eagerly following attentively.


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