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As we all know, Rwanda Constitution got revised recently. Indeed, the revised constitution is worthy of defense. As Albert Einstein puts it, “The strength of a constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it. Only if every single citizen feels duty bound to do his share in its defense are the constitutional rights secure.” It is in this respect that today, Tuesday 9th February 2016 a delegation from Rwanda Law Reform Commission (RLRC), spearheaded by Lawyer Evode UWIZEYIMANA, visited ULK/Gisenyi Campus Community to arouse and increase its awareness of the motives behind the recent revision of Rwanda Constitution. This is relevant of any case since you can just defend something you unequivocally know.


To start with, Lawyer Evode UWIZEYIMANA succinctly traced the historical background of Rwanda Constitution. He made it clear that Rwanda Constitution experienced different phases; colonization to independence constitution, post-colonial constitution that was subject to several amendments over the years, and most importantly the newly revised constitution.

T o supplement Lawyer Evode, Ms Loyce BAMWINE, also from RLRC, went on to recall some of the motives behind the revision of Rwanda Constitution. “In actual fact, there was a need to revise Rwanda Constitution as some laws it embodied were equivocal especially when it came to comparing language versions. Besides, the constitution included details which ought to be part of other laws. The petition signed by 3,784,586 Rwandans requesting the parliament to revise the law n0 101 also led to Rwanda Constitution Reform”, Ms Loyce was quoted saying. Eventually participants were led to realize that people make the constitution and they can unmake it. It is the creature of their will and lives only by their will.


Before calling it a day, Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, thanked the presenters for their willingness to come and shed more light on an issue of such utmost value. Thereafter, he urged people in attendance to take the message home.

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