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On 11th March 2020, Rwanda national police trained ULK/Gisenyi Campus Community On how fire extinguisher is used in case of immanency. It was in line with sensitization on the ‘GERAYO AMAHORO”   campaign. Led by Assistant commissioner of police Paulin KALISA, a team of police demonstrated different methods of preventing conflagration.

Lawyer ISHEMA Pierre, coordinator of Academic affairs introducing the guest

To get the ball rolling, Lawyer ISHEMA Pierre, coordinator of Academic Affairs, introduced the guest to the audience and bade everyone in attendance to be all ears on grounds of the relevancy of the training from Rwanda national police on how to fight against conflagration.

Assistant commissioner of police, Paulin Kalisa addressing the audience.

As matter of fact, ACP Paulin Kalisa, explained to the audience that fire may be caused by different things such as gas leakage, petrol, paraffin, or wind, oxygen, hotness, to mention but a few. “To protect the environment Rwanda government has implemented the use of GAS but many citizens don’t know how they can manage fire extinguishment in the case of emergency. When using gas we need to open doors and windows to avoid its busts, to put a part such as burning cigarettes, candle, to mention but a few” He said.

The different demonstration was displayed

In addition, while using gas, the gas detector is tremendously necessary. Sometime it may produce fire due to damaged propane tank (air going out) here if you don’t have fire extinguisher you can even use your wet hand towel and cover it to extinguish the fire to avoid conflagration.

Demonstration and practices on how to extinguish the fire in case of emergency  

The main hall was full to its capacity.

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