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Cognizance with how things are done has always been the catalyst towards registering greater strides in any undertaking. Aware of this, Rwanda Regulatory Utilities Authority (RURA) sent its messengers to raise ULK community awareness on the functioning of this state organization. The event was hosted by Kigali Independent University ULK on 7th November 2019 with MUKAMURERA Veneranda, Senior Manager in Charge of Consumer Protection, heading the delegation from RURA.

As MUKAMURERA said, RURA was established with a mandate to ensure fair competition among utility service providers, consumer rights promotion and protection, licensing services, to mention but a few.

She also added that ever since RURA was initiated, a lot has been achieved. For instance, legal and regulatory tools have been availed, discouraging fraudsters who might swindle consumers, instructing some service providers the dos and don’ts in service provision industry, etc.

“We’ve gone the extra mile in regulating some companies such as the telecoms what they should do and what they shouldn’t do. Currently, telecom subscribers no longer receive several adverts on their cell phones as it was before. We’ve instructed the telecoms to limit messages since subscribers were unhappy with this”, she told the participants.

MUKAMURERA also added that some of the causes of complaints among service consumers include breaking contract terms, poor quality service, billing issues, poor customer care, and service billing, name it. On this point, she said that whoever breaches the agreed contract faces penalties since RURA monitors the smooth delivery of services in line with terms and conditions in place.

When the lecture touched its end, the students turned out staggeringly to ask questions. All questions were answered and a hotline (3988) and electronic address were disclosed for those who might wish to petition the institution in the days ahead.

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