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Today, 23rd January 2017, a delegation from SACEM Industries visited Kigali Independent University ULK so as to find out whether it is possible to sign a memorandum of understanding between both institutions.

Upon their arrival, the delegation was welcomed by ULK officials including, Dr. Karambizi Sylvestre, the Principle of ULK Polytechnic Institute, Daniel Balinda, Vice Principle in Charge of Academics in ULK Polytechnic Institute, to mention but a few.

Speaking on behalf of SACEM Industries, Ghazi Chebbi, Director General of SACEM, disclosed that their wish is to partner with ULK polytechnic Institute for mutual benefits. Having disclosed the reason behind their visit, they were given explanations by the senior managers of ULK polytechnic Institute.

Since it was their first time to meet and exchange talks, the memorandum of understanding was not signed but it is now in the pipeline and may be signed any time in the days ahead if all goes well.

Once signed, both institutions will have to meet some responsibilities. As for SACEM Industries, it will among others provide technical assistance, provide learning modules which are in line with ULK standards, provide necessary and possible means for the implementation and management of projects in the area of electricity and gas needed on the public market in Rwanda and the region.

On the other hand, ULK Polytechnic Institute will make the necessary advocacy be it at the ministerial level or beyond so as to enable both ULK Polytechnic and SACEM Industries to singlehandedly own the whole market having to do with repairing, maintenance and emplacement of transformers, electrical distributions and their accessories in Rwanda.

Moreover, ULK Polytechnic Institute will provide lecture rooms, laboratories, grounds, and means in terms of logistics and human resources for effective implementation of some of the projects of the pending memorandum.

A tour to learn more about ULK Polytechnic Institute marked the end of the visit.

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