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Today 7th March 2017, another meeting on entrepreneurship was held at Kigali Independent University ULK to discuss ways and means for enabling the youth to be part and parcel of the development agenda as the people without whom there is no tomorrow.

This meeting came after another one which had attracted researchers and experts in the area of entrepreneurship. This meeting centered on AYES which is an umbrella organization that targets to bring together all young Africans and instill into them entrepreneurship mentality. The acronym AYES stands for African Youth Entrepreneurship Society.

Today’s meeting brought together young entrepreneurs from around the country. They had the privilege to be addressed by experts in the field of entrepreneurship. Among the key note speakers was Mr. Dominique MVUNABANDI, who talked about the historical background of AYES.

MVUNABANDI also talked about TICAD “Tokyo International Conference on African Development.” As he expounded, in 1993, Japan launched TICAD to promote high-level policy dialogue between African leaders and development partners on issues facing Africa, such as economic development, poverty and conflict.

Dominique Mvunabandi presenting during AYES Meeting.JPG

He went further to say that TICAD aims to mobilize the wisdom and resources of all stakeholders interested in African development under the concept of African “ownership” and “partnership” between Africa and the international community.

Still shedding more light, MVUNABANDI said that the African Youth Entrepreneurship Society (YES) is a network of young and vibrant Rwandan Entrepreneurs and Researchers aged below 40 years, who have the passion and motivation to make a big impact through entrepreneurship development for sustainable industrialization in Rwanda.

Supplementing MVUNABANDI, Dr OKOKO OSAMBO, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics of ULK, said that young people should take the lead in determining their future, the future of their country and subsequently that of the world over. To this, he reiterated that a meeting on young entrepreneurs is a move in the right direction as the attendees get more tips on how to keep transforming lives through projects and initiatives.

It is worth informing that in today’s meeting. Participants lauded Kigali Independent University ULK for bringing them together as the host institution of AYES. They said, having a place where to express and share entrepreneurship skills is something to salute.

AYES Meeting with Entrepreneurs at ULK

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