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Accompanied by some of the school authorities, around 90 secondary school leavers from “Institut Mama Mulezi” de Goma made it to ULK/Gisenyi Campus yesterday Thursday, 28th March 2018. The visit was carried out in the framework of reinforcing the partnership that ULK has, over the years, been nourishing with secondary schools operating in Goma City.

Upon their arrival at the campus, Mr. KABASHA Medard, Director in charge of Marketing and Career Advisory Center introduced them to Kigali Independent University ULK. He subsequently recalled the context of the partnership between both educational institutions (i.e. ULK and Institut Mama Mulezi).

“The pleasure’s all mine to welcome you all to Kigali Independent University ULK/Gisenyi Campus. Like your school, ULK is an institution that lays its foundation on ethical values. As a matter of fact, our university has been collaborating with your school since the year 2015, and so far, a lot has been done; provision of English training among others (…)” , he told the gathering.

It followed that the visitors had a tour of the campus to get to know different services of the university. Good enough, they marvelled at all that the campus can call its own; lecture rooms, equipment, name it. Interestingly, many of the pupils vowed to  join ULK next academic year.

“This University is truly amazing. We’ve been impressed all the services offered here. Technology speaks for itself within this university. To this, I pledge I’ll join this university for my university studies to be materialized, if only I get my secondary school diploma,” uttered one of student.

Speaking on behalf of “Institut Mama Mulezi”, Reverend Sister BISIMWA Solange, headmistress of the school and head of the delegation, expressed her gratitude to Mr. Kabasha Medard and his team. She also encouraged her students to pursue their university studies at ULK.

“We can’t thank you enough for having hosted us today. It’s no wonder that ULK is a university that makes a difference across our region. Much has been said and seen. I therefore urge you, dear students, to join ULK for your university studies if you really need quality training,” she enthusiastically said.

It is on this note that the visit was brought to close. Guess what! Many more secondary schools operating in Goma City are yet expected to come over and visit the campus.

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