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As a university whose express purpose is to help everyone regardless their origin, ULK Gisenyi Campus received secondary school leavers from Goma/ RDC. These were accompanied by their teachers. Their visit took place on 13th, 15th and 17th, July respectively.

To make their visit colorful, a group of staff led them and showed them around. To this, Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel, DVC Academics, Mr KARARA Alexis, DVC Finance and Administration, MUGUMO Déo, Director of Finance and Administration, KABASHA Médard, Director of Academic Affairs, Dr RUTERAHAGUSHA Roger (lecturer), Heads of departments, Mr NIZEYIMANA Sylvain (lecturer), and Mr MANIRAKIZA Jean Baptiste(lecturer) warmly welcomed the groups.

Upon their arrival at the campus, each group was warmly welcomed by the university senior management who ushered them in a neat room for a short introduction. Shortly after this, the function could proceed with showing them around. Firstly the group was made to visit different offices like those of senior managers, deans, to mention but a few. Thereafter, places like classrooms, dormitories, dining hall, computer labs, library and lecturers’ offices were visited.
Along this exercise, the entire team could be seen looking in awe as a sign of their positive impression vis-à-vis the university’s equipment as well as services it offers. This is true of any case because they could from time to time ask what seemed unusual for them. For example when they were shown the white board used for teaching-learning purpose, they could not believe their eyes and ears. They immediately requested Mr KABASHA Médard who was leading the exercise to show them how a white board can act as a chalk board.

After having visited various corners they were led back to the conference hall for better interaction. To each and every group, Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel started by giving an introduction which served as a welcome note. In his remarks he thanked the delegation for their decision to visit ULK Gisenyi campus and requested them to also choose it for their next academic steps. “Thank you very much for having chosen ULK Gisenyi Campus for your visit.

Your visit matters most for us as it will enable you to have a real image of the university. Indeed, we would be jubilant if you choose ULK for your bachelors, masters and why not PhD programs”, he was quoted saying.
“Kigali Independent University ULK is today ranked among the top first universities in the region. It offers quality education and is determined never to slow down when it comes to equipping students’ minds with the needed skills on the job market. Besides, English language, which is a global and business language, is a medium of instruction. You should therefore benefit from this golden opportunity if you wish to crisscross the world over with ease”, he added.

The next step was allocated to comments and questions. The recurrent questions ranged from registration requirements, tuition fees, medium of instruction, assessment modalities, to mention but a few. Given the fact that the senior management was always present in the hall, all the questions got answered satisfactorily.

“in actual fact, I am personally impressed by the equipment owned by this institution. Once back home, I will convince my parents so that they may enable me to pursue my studies here. Surely, the organization of ULK is impressing…”

Asked how much they appreciated their visit, one of the students said, “A la bonne franquette, je suis personellement impressionné par les equipements dont dispose cette institution. Une fois à la maison, je vais convaincre mes parents pour qu’ils puissent me donner la chance de poursuivre mes etudes ici. En tout cas, l’organisation de l’ULK est très impressionnante. Toutefois, mon inquietude c’est par rapport à l’anglais que je ne maitrise pas.” Loosely translated as, in actual fact, I am personally impressed by the equipment owned by this institution. Once back home, I will convince my parents so that they may enable me to pursue my studies here. Surely, the organization of ULK is impressing. Nonetheless, my worries are none but my weakness in English language.

Something worth mentioning is that before the groups could make it back to their home country, they could be given forms for their provisional registration. This was due to the fact that some of them used to express their burning desire of joining the university in the days ahead.

It should be noted that the visits in question came as a result of another visit previously made by a team of ULK senior management in Goma town with a view to strengthen ties with secondary schools in that part of DRC. During their visit, teachers and students requested them to send Engllish language mentors to enable them to cope up with the language of instruction once they happen to join ULK for their bachelor’s program.

In response to this request, two language mentors, notably, Mr NIZEYIMANA Sylvain and Mr MANIRAKIZA Jean Baptiste were requested to go to Goma town three times a week, i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Good to say, the mentorship program, which is due to last nine weeks, has already kicked off and according to the information from both mentors; students are attending in big numbers.


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