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Today 24th February 2017, ULK Kigali students had the privilege and honor to welcome Hon. MUSABEYEZU Narcisse, Senator in the bicameral parliament of Rwanda. His visit aimed at interacting with the university community especially the students on the fight against corruption and unwanted pregnancies.

Like any other professional teacher would proceed, MUSABEYEZU kick-started his talk with the definition of the concept corruption. As he put it, corruption is anything given or received be it financially or in kind so so as to be given favors that are unlawful.

MUSABEYEZU said that the government puts much attention on the youth as they are the ones to lead the country in the years to come.

“ The government finds it worthwhile to interact with young people since they are the people without whom the future is bleak. Young people are the future and hope of this country. Thus, they have to be lent ears and advised”, he underscored.

Talking about corruption, he made it clear that there are two main forms of corruption, i.e. moral corruption and tangible corruption. As he expounded, tangible corruption is all about giving or receiving something concrete in an unlawful way. At this point, he gave an example of drivers who tend to bribe policemen by giving them some money to let them go after breaking road regulations.

Hon. MUSABEYEZU proudly said that Rwanda has registered tremendous progress in curbing corruption thanks to the visionary goverbance by His Ecxellency Paul KAGAME, the Presientif of the Republic of Rwanda who once uttered the three choices Rwandans have made towards a brighter and shared future.

As MUSABEYEZU said, Paul KAGAME said that Rwandans chose to be together, be accountable and think big. In being together, he wanted to mean that Rwandans have to cherish their brotherhood and unity if they are to overcome the challenges of their tragic past and shape a better future. Accountability means that whoever is given a position in public services should be requested to clarify matters on the way he fulfils his duties so as to eradicate injustice, corruption and many other malpractices. Thinking big comes to supplement the previous, when people are united and accountable, they can now project their desired future and strive to achieve it at all cost.

Hon. MUSABEYEZU pointed out some of the measures the government has put in place to effectively uproot corruption. They include laws, Anti-corruption institutions, and slogans, to mention but a few. He said that the Rwandan government has put in place laws that apprehend whoever is suspected to involve in corruption.

Towadrs the end of his talk, Hon. MUSABEYEZU urged the students, especially young ladies to be endowed with the culture of saying NO to those luring them into having premarital sex. He said that such kind of behavior affects both the new baby, the teen mother and the government becaue no plan was previously made to get ready for the baby. To this , the impregnanted girl may think of abortion which is deadly, she may give birth but unable to cater for the baby’s needs, the baby may grow up in poor conditions with no means to be taken to school or even the girl may lose her life trying to abort or giving birth. He therefore, requested young girls to wait until they are married or if it is hard for them to wait, they should resort to condom use to avoid not only unwanted pregnancies but also the sexually transmitted diseases.


Along the MUSABEYEZU’s talk, the students could be seen interested in what he was saying. To this, they massively shot up their hands to ask a question when Mr. Jean Baptiste MANIRAKIZA, the moderator of the event, announced that it was time for question-answer session. All the questions were answered to the satisfaction of everyone and that was the end of the function.

ULK Student asking a question to the senator ULK Student asking a question to the senator ULK Student asking a question to the senator

ULK Student asking a question to the senator

ULK Student asking a question to the senator


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